Lynda Balneaves, PhD, RN

Associate Professor- Tenured (on-leave)


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Journal Articles

Weeks, L., Verhoef, M.J, Balneaves, L.G., & Paterson, C. (2014). Complementary and alternative medicine decision making by cancer patients: An integrative literature review. Open Medicine, 8(2), e54-e66.

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Book Chapters

Howard, A.F., Balneaves, L.G., & Kazanjian, A. (2013). Mastectomy to prevent breast cancer: Psychosocial aspects of women’s decision making (pp. 65-74). In B.I. Carr & J.L. Steel (Eds.), Psychological Aspects of Cancer. NY: Springer.

Balneaves, L.G., Seely, D., & Weeks, L. (2012). Patient decision-making about CAM in cancer management: context and process (pp.71-78). Reprinted article as chapter in Adams J, Andrews G, Barnes J, Broom A, Magin P. (Eds.), Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine: An International Reader. Palgrave MacMillan.

Leis, A., Sagar, S., Verhoef, M., Balneaves, L.G., Seely, D., & Oneschuk, D. (2010). Shifting the paradigm: From complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to integrative oncology. Chapter in J.M. Elwood and S. B. Sutcliffe (Eds.), Cancer Control, Oxford: Oxford University Press.