Lynne Palmer, MSN, RN

Adjunct Professor

Surrey Memorial Hospital
Family Birthing Unit
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Perinatal
13750 - 96th Avenue
Surrey, BC
Canada V3V 1Z2


Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

Palmer, L. & Newby, B. D. (2009). Development of a simplified protocol for administration of 20% magnesium sulphate for prophylaxis and treatment of eclampsia.  Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 62(6), 490-495. 

Newby, B. D., Benes, C., Palmer, L., & Cleve, R. (2008).  Stability of magnesium sulfate 20% in Viaflex bags [letter].  Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 61(5), 356-357. 

Palmer, L. & Carty, E.  (2006).  Deciding when it's labor:  The experience of women who have received antepartum care at home for preterm labor.  Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nurses, 35(4), 509-515.

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