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Name Phone Position Email
Ballantyne, Karen 1-604-822-7747 Assistant to the Director
Beaton, Denise Research Asst/Tech 4
Buller-Taylor, Terri 1-604-707-2428 Research Manager
Butler, Elaine 1-604-822-0347 ON LEAVE - Clinical Practice Placement Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Cheung , Sarah Research Asst/Tech 2
Cranmer, Andrea Research Asst/Tech 3
Cranmer, Barbara Research Asst/Tech 4
Name Phone Position Email
Dee, Andrew 1-604-822-9588 Faculty and AV Support
Dennison, Britney 1-604-822-0328 Research Advisor
Duncan, Lucille Aboriginal Elder Researcher
Name Phone Position Email
Eakin, Lauren Research Assistant/Tech 4
Name Phone Position Email
Foley, Jessie 604-822-9588 Administrative Support
Francis, Annabel Research Asst/Tech 1
Frechette, Christine ON LEAVE Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab Assistant
Name Phone Position Email
Gao, Rachel 604 822 0380 Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs (Acting)
Grewal, Sarbjit Research Asst/Tech 2
Name Phone Position Email
Hakami, Rana 1-604-822-7497 Manager, Student Services
Hamel, Judith Survey Administrator
Ho , Joanna 1-604-822-5061 Financial and Operations Manager
Huerta Rodas, Alejandro 1-604-822-0380 Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs
Hughes, Merrilee 1-604-822-1409 Scholarship Development & Grant Facilitator
Humphrys, Susan Administrative Support 1 (Gr1)
Name Phone Position Email
Isaac, Trevor Research Asst/Tech 2
Ivkov, Vesna Research Asst/Tech 1
Name Phone Position Email
Khan, Koushambhi 1-604-827-3076 Senior Research Manager
Kim, Gino 1-604-822-7446 Graduate Programs Officer
Kwong, Michael 604 822-7931 Financial Clerk
Name Phone Position Email
Langton, Julia Research Coordinator
Leblanc, Marie-Eve 1-604-822-1708 Project Coordinator / Health Science Researcher
Lim, Sharon 604 822 7473 Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs
Long, Phoebe 1-604-822-3183 Research Manager / Knowledge Translation and Exchange Manager
Name Phone Position Email
Ma, Thomas Research Asst/Tech 2
Manning, Eli Research Asst/Tech 3
Mayer, Samara Research Asst/Tech 4
McClaughry, Brenda Research Asst/Tech 4
Mislang, Jonathan 1-604-827-1307 Clinical Associate/Clinical Simulation Educator
Moorhead, Emily 1-604-827-2508 Undergraduate Placement Coordinator
Munroe, Andrew Knowledge Exchange Specialist
Name Phone Position Email
Naval, Andre 604.822.7865 Clinical Simulation Lab Technician
Newman, Vera Research Asst/Tech 4
Nsibambi, Eseza 1-604-822-0373 HR Specialist
Name Phone Position Email
O'Shea, Tamar Research Asst/Tech 4
O'Sullivan, Mary Research Asst/Tech 2
Name Phone Position Email
Parker, Joanne 1-604-827-0570 Research Manager
Patten, Noel Health Science Researcher
Pearson, William 1-604-822-2852 Research Asst/Tech 2 / Research Asst/Tech 3
Price, Roberta Aboriginal Elder Researcher
Name Phone Position Email
Siu, Ellen 1-604-822-7749 Manager, Operations & Finance
Southam, Kelly 1-604-822-7489 Records & Scheduling Assistant
Swallow, Heather 1-604-822-7442 Web & Communications Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Tait, Patricia 1-604-822-7498 Research & Grant Facilitator, Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC)
Taylor, Matthew Research Asst/Tech 3
Timler, Kelsey Research Manager
Name Phone Position Email
Ueda, Tricia 604.822.7277 Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab Assistant
Name Phone Position Email
Vasiljevic, Ruxandra 1-604-822-9754 Undergraduate Admissions Assistant
Name Phone Position Email
Waters, Erin Project Director
Wei, Maggie 1-604-827-3101 Practice Education Coordinator
Wilson, Bob 1-604-827-1359 Office Supervisor
Wolowic, Jennifer Project Director
Wong, Seetna 1-604-822-7422 Financial Processing Specialist
Wu, Joyce 1-604-822-7453 Human Resources (Research)