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Name Phone Position Email
Abdulla, Nourin Research Asst//Tech 3
Aspinall, Melissa 604-822-0373 HR Specialist
Name Phone Position Email
Ballantyne, Karen 1-604-822-7747 Assistant to the Director
Bao, Lexia Research Asst/Tech 1
Beaumier, Jonathan Research Coordinator
Butt, Mashal Communications & Community Relations Manager
Name Phone Position Email
Cave, Elizabeth Research Assistant
Chambers, Natalie 604.827.6819 Manager, Clinical Practice Placement Unit
Chan, Emily Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs
Cochrane, Diana Community Research Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Dolan , Shayna Site Coordinator
Duncan, Lucille Aboriginal Elder Researcher
Name Phone Position Email
Eslami , Mohsen Research Assistant Tech 3
Name Phone Position Email
Fei, Christine Research Asst Tech 4
Frechette, Christine ON LEAVE Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab Assistant
Name Phone Position Email
Gee, Emily Research Asst/Tech 1
Name Phone Position Email
Hakami, Rana 1-604-822-7497 Manager, Student Services
Hasham, Shazeen 604 827-2508 Undergraduate Placement Coordinator
Hill, Klara 6048229588 Administrative Support 2
Howardson, Jessica Research Asst Tech 3
Hughes, Merrilee 1-604-822-1409 Scholarship Development & Grant Facilitator
Name Phone Position Email
Kang , Rujun Research Asst/Tech 4
Keating, Joseph Research Asst Tech 4
Kilgour, Heather Research Coordinator
Kim, Gino 1-604-822-7446 Graduate Programs Officer
Kish-Field, Nicole Research Asst/Tech 4
Klassen, Candace Research Asst Tech 2
Kobayashi, Akiko 604.822.9754 BSN Admissions Coordinator
Korchinski, Mo Research Asst Tech 4
Name Phone Position Email
Lee, Danielle Research Asst Tech 4
Leech-Crier, Nicolas Research Asst Tech 4
Lipsky, Nancy 604 822 3278 Project Manager, CRiHHI
Long, Phoebe 1-604-822-3183 Research Manager / Knowledge Translation and Exchange Manager
Lynch , Kelsey Research Manager
Name Phone Position Email
Macnaughton , Eric Research Manager
Malcolm, Paulina Research Asst/Tech 4
McAtee, Aubree Research Asst/Tech 2
McGuinness, Liza Research Manager
Millar, Shannon Research Coordinator
Mislang, Jonathan 1-604-827-1307 Clinical Associate/Clinical Simulation Educator
Montaner, Gabriela Project Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Nath , Ronita Managing Director, SAVARYC
Naval, Andre 604.822.7865 Clinical Simulation Lab Technician
Newman, Vera Research Asst/Tech 4
Name Phone Position Email
Petchkovsky, Vladimir 604 822 0380 Undergrad Administrative Assistant
Phan, Angela Research Asst Tech 3
Price, Roberta Aboriginal Elder Researcher
Name Phone Position Email
Sierra, Samantha Website Designer
Siu, Ellen 1-604-822-7749 Manager, Operations & Finance
Sloan Yip, Isabel Research Coordinator
Smith, Chelsea Research Asst Tech 2
Song, Iksu Financial Clerk
Southam, Kelly 1-604-822-7489 Records & Scheduling Assistant
Stones, Cheyanne Research Manager
Sun, Crystal Project Manager - Virtual Reality Project
Swallow, Heather 1-604-822-7442 Web & Communications Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Tait, Patricia 1-604-822-2852 Research Unit Manager Capacity Research Unit
Tao, Gordon Research Assistant/Tech 3
Timler, Kelsey Research Manager
Tiwana, Jasdeep Research Asst Tech 3
Name Phone Position Email
Ueda, Tricia 604.822.7277 Laboratory Education Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Villaca, Marcela Research Asst/Tech 4
Name Phone Position Email
Wada, Mineko Research Coordinator
Wandolo, Joan-Brenda Youth Engagement Specialist
Wang, Charlotte Administrative Assistant
Williams, Aleyah Research Asst Tech 3
Wilson, Bob 1-604-827-1359 Office Manager
Wu, Sarah Research Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Yau, Yan Chak Hammond Practice Education Coordinator
Young, Pamela Research Asst Tech 4
Young, Samantha Research Asst Tech 4
Yu Ko , Wellam Felix Research Asst/Tech 3