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Name Phone Position Email
Andreieva, Anna iHEAL Trial Registered Nurse
Aspinall, Melissa 604-822-0373 HR Specialist
Name Phone Position Email
Ballantyne, Karen 1-604-822-7747 Assistant to the Director
Berngards, Lilija iHEAL Trial Clinical Supervisor
Burton, Laurel Research Assistant/Tech 3
Name Phone Position Email
Cave, Elizabeth Research Assistant
Chambers, Natalie 604.827.6819 Clinical Practice Placement Unit Manager
Chan, Candace Research Assistant Tech 3
Chan, Emily Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs
Chen, Amy 604-822-7453 HR Admin Clerk
Cochrane, Diana Community Research Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Dolan , Shayna Site Coordinator
Dooner, Caryn Research Assistant Tech 3
Duncan, Lucille Aboriginal Elder Researcher
Name Phone Position Email
Eakin, Lauren Research Assistant/Tech 4
Eftekhar-Zadeh, Sara iHEAL Trial Registered Nurse
Eslami , Mohsen Research Assistant Tech 3
Name Phone Position Email
Fei, Christine Project Assistant
Frechette, Christine ON LEAVE Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab Assistant
Fulljames , Hailea Research Assistant Tech 3
Name Phone Position Email
Gomez, Nelly iHEAL Trial Registered Nurse
Name Phone Position Email
Hakami, Rana 1-604-822-7497 Manager, Student Services
Hall , Stephanie Communications and Community Relations Manager, SARAVYC
Harding, William Research Assistant/Tech 3
Hardy, Brianna Research Assistant Tech 2
Hasham, Shazeen 604 827-2508 Undergraduate Placement Coordinator
Hill, Klara 6048229588 Administrative Support 2
Hughes, Merrilee 1-604-822-1409 Scholarship Development & Grant Facilitator
Name Phone Position Email
Infanti , Pamela Research/Asst/Tech 3
Name Phone Position Email
Kang , Rujun Research Asst/Tech 4
Keim, Taron Research Asst/Tech 3
Khan, Koushambhi 1-604-827-3076 Senior Research Manager
Kim, Gino 1-604-822-7446 Graduate Programs Officer
Kobayashi, Akiko 604.822.9754 BSN Admissions Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Landy , Ania Research Manager
Lee, Danielle Research Assistant
Lipsky, Nancy 604 822 3278 Project Manager, CRiHHI
Lloyd, Jennifer Research Associate
Lloyd, Jennifer Research Associate
Long, Phoebe 1-604-822-3183 Research Manager / Knowledge Translation and Exchange Manager
Lynch , Kelsey Research Manager
Name Phone Position Email
MacDonald, Julia Research Assistant/Tech 3
Macnaughton , Eric Research Manager
Maitland, Skye Research Asst/Tech 3
McClaughry, Brenda Research Asst/Tech 4
McGuinness, Liza Research Manager
Millar, Shannon Research Assistant/Tech 4
Mislang, Jonathan 1-604-827-1307 Clinical Associate/Clinical Simulation Educator
Montaner, Gabriela Research Assistant/Tech 3
Name Phone Position Email
Nath , Ronita Managing Director, SAVARYC
Naval, Andre 604.822.7865 Clinical Simulation Lab Technician
Newman, Vera Research Asst/Tech 4
Name Phone Position Email
O'Dwyer , Cormac Research Assistant
Name Phone Position Email
Panwala, Victoria Research Assistant
Parker, Joanne 1-604-827-0570 Research Manager
Petchkovsky, Vladimir 604 822 0380 Undergrad Administrative Assistant
Price, Roberta Aboriginal Elder Researcher
Name Phone Position Email
Record, Alyssa Research Assistant/Tech 3
Rossnagel, Emma Rose 604.822.5199 Research Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Sale, Chris Graduate Program Placement Coordinator
Schafenacker, Nicole Research Asst/Tech 3
Shanmuganathan , Thivya Research Asst/Tech 3
Siu, Ellen 1-604-822-7749 Manager, Operations & Finance
Sloan Yip, Isabel Research Assistant/Tech 4
Southam, Kelly 1-604-822-7489 Records & Scheduling Assistant
Stones, Cheyanne Research Assistant/Tech 4
Sun, Crystal Project Manager - Virtual Reality Project
Swallow, Heather 1-604-822-7442 Web & Communications Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Tait, Patricia 1-604-822-2852 Research Unit Manager Capacity Research Unit
Tao, Gordon Research Assistant/Tech 3
Timler, Kelsey Research Manager
Name Phone Position Email
Ueda, Tricia 604.822.7277 Laboratory Education Coordinator
Name Phone Position Email
Wandolo, Joan-Brenda Youth Engagement Specialist
Webb, Jessica Research Assistant/Tech 2
Williams , Shannon Research Asst/Tech 3
Wilson, Bob 1-604-827-1359 Office Supervisor
Name Phone Position Email
Yau, Yan Chak Hammond Practice Education Coordinator
Yu Ko , Wellam Felix Research Asst/Tech 3