Awards & Scholarships Available to Graduate Students

Q: What awards competitions & scholarships are available to Graduate Students?
UBC School of Nursing Internal Awards (expand for details) 

Several awards that recognize academic achievement are granted annually by the UBC School of Nursing to incoming and continuing graduate students. The School is grateful to the generous donors who make these awards available. These awards are administered by the Graduate Programs Awards Committee and no application is required. These are often referred to as "Departmental Awards" by the university. 

Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards (expand for details) 

In addition to the above mentioned awards, the Faculty of Graduate Studies is responsible for administration of additional awards competitions.

These applications are best completed in collaboration with your provisional advisor or supervisor. Other members of the faculty are ready and willing to assist with the application process. Please note the deadlines and ensure that you plan well in advance.

These competitions include highly prestigious UBC Affiliated Fellowships for Doctoral & Masters programs, the Rick Hansen Man in Motion Fellowship, the Spring Graduate Awards Competition, and the Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship.


Faculty of Graduate  & Postdoctoral Studies: Scholarships, Awards & Funding 
Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies: Hot Tips for Scholarship Applications

The Graduate Support Initiative (GSI) is a University-wide merit-based program for funding graduate students. Eligible students will be those entering, or currently enrolled in, a research-oriented program of study at the Master's or Doctoral level (MSN or PhD in Nursing). GSI Funding is administered by the Graduate Programs Awards Committee and no application is required. 

Reference: Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies: Graduate Support Initiative (GSI)

SSHRC & CIHR Canada Graduate Scholars Competition - Doctoral & Masters Students (expand for details) 

The Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) provides financial support to outstanding students pursuing Master's or Doctoral studies in health sciences. The School of Nursing supports MSN & PhD Students in their CIHR Award Applications through a series of workshops, an internal review process, and individualized application support from the Office of Nursing Research & Teaching Scholarship (ONRTS). For information please contact 

Internal Research Competitions (expand for details) 

The Office for Nursing Research, Teaching & Scholarship (ONRTS) coordinates a tri-annual internal research competition to support graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, and faculty research.

Outstanding Completion Project Competitions:

 Awards are given annually in recognition of the outstanding research conducted by graduate students in the School of Nursing (please see this link for details). 

External Award Competitions (expand for details) 

There are also a variety of external agencies that provide funding opportunities for graduate nursing students:

The Canadian Nurses Foundation (All Programs) - more information available 
Registered Nurses Foundation of British Columbia (RNFBC) Bursaries (All Programs) - more information available
Kidney Foundation of Canada (Allied Health Scholarship) (MSN & PhD) 
Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research (STIHR) – Training Opportunities (PHD Only) 
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (Nursing Research Fellowship) (PhD Only) 
The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Trainee Awards (PhD & Post-Doctoral)

The best way to gain access to external award competitions is to consult with faculty supervisors and professional associations to inquire about past funding students have received funding from, and use those consultations to strategically plan your applications.