Awards & Scholarships BSN Students

Q: What awards are available to Undergraduate (BSN) Students?

Interested in learning about awards opportunities at UBC? Check out UBC Awards & Money Management.

There are also a series of external awards the Undergraduate Awards Committee recommends to BSN Students. Even though these awards are adjudicated through external agencies, BSN students have had success in applying for these opportunities. As these opportunities arise, they are posted on the BSN Announcements Blog 

If you have received an award through an open application that you feel would be suitable for BSN Students, please contact 

Please Note: The Undergraduate Awards Committee is the deciding body on awards adjudicated by the School of Nursing. This committee is responsible for making awards recommendations on behalf of the School of Nursing for BSN students to receive specific departmental / university awards. These awards are primarily based on academic success, and may at times relate to a specific area of research, clinical practice, or community involvement. Some awards also consider self-reported financial need. For most departmental awards, there is no application that that students submit - all current & incoming students in the BSN Program are considered by the Undergraduate Awards Committee.