RNFBC Bursary Application Instructions

Q: How do I apply for the RNFBC Bursary Program?

A: The Registered Nurses Foundation of British Columbia (RNFBC) raises money for bursaries for students who are enrolled in basic, post-basic, re-entry and graduate education programs in nursing. All bursary applications are completed on the RNFBC website application: 

  1. Applicants must review the Application Information for each year - Click here for the 2022 Application Information. 

  2. Complete the RNFBC online application:

    • First, you need to create your user account and pay the application fee of $35.00. The application fee is non-refundable. Becoming an RNFBC member, while much appreciated, does not count as your application fee.
    • Once you have created your account and paid, you will be able to log in as many times as you wish until you deem your application to be complete or until the application deadline. There is a field to mark your application as complete on the “Statement of Understanding” tab.  By the next business day after you have set the application to ‘Complete’, you will no longer be able to access your application. To request changes, please contact our office. Only applications marked as complete by the applicant will be reviewed.
    • Applicants must review the eligibility criteria BEFORE opening and paying for this account; the fee is non-refundable.
    • To start your application, you need to create an account and pay the fee. You will then return to edit your application.
    • RNFBC recommends that you review the slide deck from the Applicant Webinar for helpful hints.
    • ​if you choose View Application you will not be able to Edit any fields. You need to choose Edit in order to work with the form.
  3. Please note for the online application you will need to attach as documents your proof of BC residency with your address, your proof of enrolment letter from the UBC Student Service Centre, and proof of your RN Registration (for bursaries identified for RNs)). 

    • In the online application you will be asked to provide the name & title of the "Signing Authority" that is on your proof of enrolment letter.
    • As UBC School of Nursing degrees are conferred by the UBC Vancouver Senate, the signing authority for students enrolled in UBC Vancouver Nursing degree programs is the Associate Vice President & Registrar for the UBC Vancouver Campus (whose name & signature appear on your proof of enrolment letters). 
    • BSN Students (new or continuing) must be registered in next year's winter session courses before they are able to print off Proof of Enrolment Letters 
    • New Graduate Students must register for their first terms courses before they are considered registered full time and able to print Proof of Enrolment Letters 
    • Continuing Graduate Students are able to print Proof of Enrolment Letters before registering for future terms as long as they have continuing registration status. 
  4. Wait to hear back in October 2022 - only successful applicants will be contacted.  

Finally, remember even if you applied in past years, each year's process is treated separately and you may apply again.....best of luck!

The application deadline for 2022 RNFBC Bursaries is September 15, 2022 at midnight (11:59pm).

Questions about the bursaries, or if you encounter any difficulties, please email administrator@rnfbc.ca

Requests for support with the application can be sent to awards@nursing.ubc.ca - a member of the Student Services team will be happy to assist you. 

Be sure to check out RNFBC's FAQ page for additional information!