Verification Letter for Student Awards

Q: How do I request a verification letter for my awards applications?

If you are applying to a scholarship / award / or bursary opportunity with an external agency, you will often be asked to include supplemental documents in your award application. 

For transcript requests, please visit this FAQ on ordering transcripts.  For proof of enrolment or program completion letters please visit this FAQ on enrolment letters. 

If you are applying to the RNFBC Bursary program, this FAQ is specifically for you! 

For all other student program verification letters & documentation for awards & scholarship applications please send the following information directly to

  • Your Name & Student Number 
  • The name of the funding agency / institution / association hosting the scholarship or award opportunity 
  • A link to the scholarship / verification letter criteria or scholarship announcement or application 
  • Where the letter needs to be submitted. 
  • The deadline for the application 

Please provide 1 - 2 business days to receive your verification letter. 

If you are applying to the Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) awards, simply send an email to identifying the same information as outlined above, and you will receive a response within 2 business days.