VPRI Research Grant for Non-SIG Affiliated Faculty

Purpose: The primary intent of this internal grant program (funded from UBC’s SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) award) is to provide awards of up to $5,000 to enable faculty who would normally apply to SSHRC, but whose home faculty does not have SIG - funded internal grants program.  Proposals should be considered as the first step in a longer - term program of SSH projects funded by external funding agencies.  The active involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in the project is encouraged.

Three types of awards are offered under this program. You may apply for only one of these in any competition.

  • SSHRC Explore Grants: Up to $5,000 per grant (research seed grants)
  • SSHRC Exchange Grants: Up to $1,500 per grant (travel to present at a conference)
  • SSHRC Exchange Grants: Up to $5,000 (to host a symposium at UBC)

Application Deadline:  Applications accepted on a monthly basis.
Competition Results:  Six weeks after submission. (Funding, if awarded, will take effect on the first day of the month following submission date.)

Application materials:

  1. Complete the application form found on the SPARC website
    - SIG Competition for Non-Affiliated Faculty Guidelines
    - SIG Competition for Non-Affiliated Faculty Application Form
    - SIG Competition for Non-Affiliated Faculty Final Report
  2. Attach a UBC CV
  3. The original, signed copy of the application should be sent to:
    Alan Kingstone, SSH Research Advisor
    Office of the Vice-President, Research




An internal Committee in the Office of the VP Research & International will assess Grant applications. The SSHRC Advisor will chair the Committee.

  • To be eligible for this grant you must hold a full time, ongoing, permanent appointment of the rank of Senior Instructor or higher.
  • You must be eligible to apply to SSHRC for funding, and you must be a member of a faculty that has not received SIG funding directly to establish its own internal grant programs (the faculties that have received funding are Arts, Education, Law, CFIS, the Sauder School, as well as UBCO).
  • Applicants who currently hold well-funded esearch programs are encouraged to explain explicitly why the additional funding is necessary.
  • Applicants must be a presenter of an oral paper to be considered eligible for conference travel.
  • Those wishing to organize symposia must demonstrate that they have matching funding committed.
  • As the proposal is considered a first step in a longer-term program towards receiving external funding, applications from those who have received funding in a previous year, but not applied for external funding, will not normally be considered.
Terms of Reference

It is the responsibility of the applicant to convince the Committee that the proposed research is worthy of funding and that it can be carried out in the time indicated and with the funds requested.
The proposal should be written in clear, plain language that can be understood by all members of the Committee. Applications will not be accepted for ongoing projects from previously funded internal grants or another funding agency.
Grants made by the Committee are intended for the support of innovative research or creative activity contributing to a discipline or field of study in all disciplines and leading to an application(s) for external funding. Funds must be used for the research project you have indicated in your application.

Please follow instructions carefully as any grant application that does not adhere to them may be disqualified from review.

Terms of the Grant

The term of each award is 12 months: Awards are for a period of one year plus a one-year extension if required. A written request for an extension must be received at least one month prior to the end of the award. Award holders are not eligible to reapply to the fund during the extension period unless the current project is complete and a final report has been submitted to the Grant Facilitator.
Expenses: The following may be covered under your grant application: salaries and benefits, dissemination of research results, supplies and expenses, equipment, travel for research purposes. Conference related expenses including travel may be included if you are explicitly applying for a conference travel award (see above).
Signatures: All applications must have the signature of the applicant, Department/Unit Head (for faculties with departments) and Dean or Dean designate.