Admission Requirements

UBC Vancouver BSN Eligibility & Program Details

Who can apply? 

  • Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada *See Note 1
  • Applicants with a completed Bachelors Degree (or equivalent) 
  • Those who have completed a min. of 48 non-nursing university credits

Who is not eligible? 

Program Overview 

  • Program Start: September 
  • Number of Intakes each year: One (1) 
  • Length: Full-time 20 months
  • Mode of Program Delivery: In-Person
  • Location: UBC Vancouver Point Grey Campus/ Clinical – Metro Vancouver area


What do I need to know? 

  • All UBC-V BSN graduates are eligible to apply for RN registration 
  • Transfer Credits for Nursing Courses are not available.
  • No LPN to RN bridging options, but LPN applicants welcome! 
  • If you are a foreign trained nurse, learn more about your options.
  • Admissions deadlines are firm, extensions normally not granted. 
  • Pre-evaluation of admissions prerequisites is not available. 


Note 1 - Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and persons with refugee status in Canada may apply to the program. As an applicant requiring a study permit, you are currently not eligible to apply. 

To learn more about the specific requirements of the UBC Vancouver BSN Program, please click on the headings below to learn about the requirements.

Course & Previous Education Prerequisites for All Applicants 

There are 3 requirements to make students eligible to apply for the BSN Program: 

  1. 3 university credits of first year or higher English Composition / Writing course 
  2. 6 university credits (or equivalent) of human anatomy & physiology 
  3.  Minimum of 48 non-nursing university transferable credits toward a bachelors degree (or equivalent) in another field of study


1. First-year or higher English (3 credits) - one of the following options below meets this requirement: 

  1. UBC ENGL 112 (3 crds) or WRDS 150 (3crds) or equivalent is recommended 
    • Want to know if your course is equivalent to ENGL 112 or WRDS 150? Check the BC Transfer Guide
  2. First year or higher level university transferable English composition course also accepted. 
  3. Have a university degree from an institution where English was the primary language of instruction? You may meet the prerequisite for 3 credits of English composition with your degree completion. 
  4. Notation of "WRCM 1st (3 credits)"  in your UBC Academic History or Academic Transcripts is also acceptable. 
    • This means that UBC identified that you completed 3 credits of general first-year English “Writing/Composition” courses when your prior academic transcripts were reviewed at time of admission. 

Want to find out if you meet the 3 credits of 1st year ENGL Composition prerequisite, but couldn't find your course in the BC transfer guide Above? 

  • Submit your initial UBC Online Application and BSN English Prerequisite Inquiry Form for the BSN Program to evaluate.
  • Your UBC Application will be evaluated by Undergraduate Admissions for all pre-requisites (including 3 credits of English composition).
  • Pre-evaluation of prerequisites is not available to applicants. 
  • If you are planning applying for September 2022 Admissions, please check the website in August 2021 when the BSN English Prerequisite Inquiry Form link is active again. 

List of approved English Courses 

2. Human Anatomy and Physiology (minimum 6 credits):

  • UBC BIOL 153 (2019W Session and prior offerings) or UBC BIOL 155 (2020W Session and beyond) is recommended
  • Equivalent Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) course/courses accepted as long as:

Please note: UBC BIOL 155 completed in 2019W and before does not satisfy the HAP requirement. For Courses that transfer to UBC as BIOL 155 will be considered case by case. 

3.  Want to find out if you have 48 non-nursing university transferable credits toward a bachelors degree (or equivalent) in another field of study? 

  • Review your academic transcripts from your prior learning. 
  • All courses you are taking toward a bachelors (or equivalent) degree count toward this requirement, except: 
    • any courses classified as "Nursing Courses" based on your institutions academic calendar 
  • If you have not yet completed your bachelors degree:
    • use the BC Transfer Guide to identify how your coursework will be evaluated by UBC Undergraduate Admissions
    • ensure you've completed, or will complete, at least 48 credits of non-nursing university transferrable credits before the final transcript deadline 
  • If you have already completed your bachelors degree: 
    • ensure that your official academic transcripts identify "Degree Conferred" and the name of your degree when you complete your initial UBC application 
    • your UBC Application will be evaluated by Undergraduate Admissions for all pre-requisites (including this requirement for credits / degree completed).
    • Pre-evaluation of prerequisites is not available to applicants. 
What HAP Courses Meet the Requirement? 

Looking for approved  HAP courses? 

Approved HAP Course List for 2022 Entry

Please note: for your course to meet the HAP prerequisite requirement, you must take the courses listed, in the combinations listed on the list above. HAP list updated June 13, 2021.

If you fall into one of the below categories, you are required to submit a  Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) application. 

  • Completed HAP courses which do not appear on the Approved List with approved courses
  • Completed HAP courses listed in a different combination than the one mentioned on the Approved List
  • Completed HAP courses more than 4 years ago (before September 2017) for September 2022 Entry

Are you a current UBC Student wanting to complete your HAP credit at a different institution? Check out this FAQ just for you!

Human Anatomy and Physiology Prerequisite – PLAR Assessment and Application

HAP courses which are not listed on the Approved List must meet the following criteria for PLAR assessment:

  1. The coursework must show at least 6 post-secondary/university level credits of HAP (at an accredited institution)
  2. The course work must be at least 75-78 hours of contact time:
    • 3 contact hours per week x 13 weeks over two (2) terms, or
    • 6 contact hours per week x 13 weeks over one term
  3. The course(s) must cover the anatomy and physiology of the following human body systems:
    • Cardiovascular
    • Muscular and skeletal
    • Digestive
    • Nervous
    • Endocrine
    • Reproductive
    • Immune
    • Respiratory
    • Integumentary
    • Urinary
  4. The course(s) must cover HUMAN, Not Cell or Animal Anatomy/Physiology content, and include both the STRUCTURE and FUNCTION of all body systems listed above.
  5. The course outlines submitted with the PLAR application must be from the year when the courses were completed.
  6. Course(s) must be completed within the last 4 years at the time of application.
    • Applicants for September 2022 intake must present HAP course(s) completed within the last 4 years at time of application (i.e., after September 2017). 
  7. Applicants who have current and active work experience or registration as an allied health professional completed HAP courses outside the 4-year time limit:
    • Must provide supporting documentation to show current knowledge of ALL human body systems.
    • Must submit a current resume
    • Must submit a letter of explanation addressed to the PLAR committee
    • Must submit proof of your professional designation/Licence/Registration
    • Must submit transcripts/outlines for additional HAP courses taken since the course(s) was/were completed
    • Other documentation they consider appropriate to support the application
    • Please Note: Applicants who might qualify for this category include internationally trained physicians, practicing massage therapists, practicing doctors of naturopathy.
  8. The PLAR committee reviews PLAR applications and determines if the coursework meets the required HAP content.
    • Please Note: The committee does not grant transfer credit. 

Click Here to Complete PLAR Application for September 2022 Entry 
The 2021/2022 PLAR application deadline is December 1, 2021. 
Please note that the PLAR application will be available in August 2021.

*Please note that PLAR application fee is non-refundable.

All PLAR Applications will be reviewed individually, and normally students receive a response within four (4) weeks. Response times vary during peak times. All applicants for September 2022 Entry who completed their application prior to the PLAR Application deadline will receive a response by end of February in 2022.

What is the Minimum Academic Standing for a Consideration to the BSN Program?

You must have a minimum 70% average, or grade point average of 2.8 (calculated on a 4.0-point scale) based upon the most recent 30 non-nursing, university transferable credits completed at the undergraduate level.

Do you have any other questions?

Our FAQ section is great a resource to answer your questions. It covers the most common questions asked such as..

  1. How to Calculate my Admission Average GPA calculation?
  2. How would I find out if the courses I took at another college or university are transferable to UBC?
  3. When should I complete my prerequisite courses?

The FAQ section covers almost all the common questions from our applicants and our BSN students!