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Q: I have completed a 6-credit course in Human Physiology and have another on cellular biology. Do I still have to take a Human Anatomy course?

Yes. To be eligible for admission with advanced standing, applicants must complete an in-depth course(s) in both Human Anatomy and Human Physiology. 

Q: Does UBC BIO 155 still meet the human anatomy and physiology requirement?

The 2020 Winter Session version of UBC BIOL 155 does satisfy the human anatomy and physiology requirement. 

However, the previous version of BIOL 155 completed in 2019W and before does not satisfy the human anatomy & physiology requirement.
For Courses that transfer to UBC as BIOL 155 will be considered on an individual basis.

*We will accept UBC BIOL 155 courses completed by the end of April 2013 as meeting the human anatomy and physiology prerequisite. As of May 2013, UBC BIOL 155 will no longer satisfy this requirement. 

Q: I have checked the Human Anatomy and Physiology Approved course list, but the human anatomy and physiology course I completed is not on the list. What should I do?

You will have to submit a PLAR application to have the human anatomy and physiology course(s) reviewed. 

Please refer to the "Human Anatomy and Physiology Prerequisite - PLAR Assessment and Application" section of the Admissions website for instructions on how to submit a PLAR application. 


Q: If I complete a prerequisite course during the Summer Session (July-August), will I be eligible to apply for the following winter session?

No, all prerequisites must be completed successfully with final transcripts submitted by early June deadline for acceptance of offers. Interim transcripts for ongoing courses must be submitted by the document deadline of January 31st. 

Q: Can I complete the program through part-time studies?

No, students are expected to complete the program on a full-time basis and because of the demands of the accelerated program we advise against part-time work during the program. There is also no opportunity for electives. 

Q: Do you accept a transcript sent from my address, or handed in?

For the BSN application, we do not accept official transcripts submitted from individual applicants or third parties. The official transcript must be sent by mail to UBC Enrolment Services directly from the issuing institution. 

For more information on how to submit your official transcripts, please refer to UBC Undergraduate Programs and Admissions website.

Q: How do I order Official Transcripts?

Students must order their transcripts themselves (the School of Nursing is not permitted to order them on your behalf). 

Order UBC Official Transcripts from Enrolment Services

Note for Graduate Students Applying for Funding Competitions:

If you are a graduate student applying for awards & funding competitions, you will need transcripts to show your current registration & courses in progress.

Here's what to do to obtain a copy of what your program has on file for you:

  1. Check the competition application details to verify if the competition accepts "PDFs of Official Transcripts," PDFs of "UBC Academic History" or "Official UBC Transcripts."
  2. Student Services can assist you in obtaining PDF copies of your "UBC Academic History" and PDF copies of transcripts you submitted with your application to graduate school at the School of Nursing.
  3. To request a copy of the UBC Grad & PostDoc Studies (G+PS) verified transcripts you submitted into e-vision at the start of your program, please email awards@nursing.ubc.ca
  4. We will retrieve the copies we have on file, and supplement a copy of your Academic History from the UBC Student Information System to show your current enrolment & courses in progress, then email you the package as PDF.
  5. If the competition requires that you order official transcripts, you'll be required to do that online as per this link from above.

Please Note: If you need other letters to verify your enrolment (such as when you apply for RNFBC or CNF Scholarships, please see this FAQ on Proof of Enrolment or this FAQ on RNFBC Applications)

Q: How do you select applicants and when will I know if I am accepted?

The admission average, supplemental application score and CASPer assessment results will be used in making the final admission decisions. We plan to inform all applicants of their status by the end of April.

Q: How many applications does the School receive each year?

We receive approximately 700 applications each year.

Q: How many students are accepted?

The School expects to admit 120 students per year each September. 

Q: What is the profile of the average student who is accepted?

There is no such thing as an "average student" as we have a wide range of people undertaking the course and welcome all applications. In 2015 the average GPA of those offered a place was around 80% (or 3.7), and students were aged between 19-48 years old, from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, 87.5% were female and about 89% had completed a prior first degree qualification. 

Q: Do you have a wait list for the BSN program?

No. Unsuccessful applicants must reapply the following year.

Q: Are there any post-admission requirements?

Yes. All newly admitted students are required

- to attend the Orientation Session scheduled during the week before the start of classes ;
- to comply with the immunization regulations of the Provincial Health Authorities related to vaccine-preventable communicable diseases;
- to complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC), First Aid/CPR BLS level for Helthcare certification and N95 mask fitting test. 

For more information on post-admission requirements, please refer to "Post Admission Program Requirements" section.


Q: How much is tuition for the Undergraduate Program?

Undergraduate tuition fees can be found on the Vancouver Academic Calendar
Information on Deposits and Registration Fees is also found on the Vancouver Academic Calendar

If you have questions about tuition or fees, please talk to your Enrolment Services Advisor (ESA).


Q: Are there any other program costs outside of the tuition fees?

A breakdown of estimated program costs (excluding tuition) could be found below:

Additional program costs

Wondering how you pay non-tuition fees? Review this FAQ on fees. 

Q: What are the payment options for tuition?

To view fees and make payments can be done through your Student Service Centre (SSC) account.

Fees and tuition can be paid with Interac Online, Online Banking and by Cheque. For more information and video tutorials on tuition payments, please visit: http://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/finances/tuition/payment

Q: What financial advising opportunities are available to students?

As UBC Students, students in the School of Nursing have access to a wealth of resources with regards to student awards and financial aid. If you have questions about your tuition, your student account, or information on funding and awards opportunities for all students (graduate and undergraduate) please contact the Enrolment Services Professionals at Brock Hall.

Reference for Undergraduate (BSN) Students: How to Contact Enrolment Services at Brock Hall

Reference for Graduate Students: Email your name, student number, and question to es.gradsupport@ubc.ca 

Q: Where do I go if I need emergency financial aid?

If you are experiencing a financial emergency, Enrolment Services Professionals can help you explore your options and manage your finances.

Should students in the School of Nursing have emergent financial needs beyond what UBC is able to provide assistance with, they should contact their program advisor for more information.

BSN Students - Elisabeth Bailey 

MSN & MPH-MSN Students - Maura MacPhee

MN Students - Fairleth Mccuaig 

PHD Students - Susan Dahinten 

MHLP Students - Jennifer Baumbusch 

Q: What do I do if I need help quickly?

Student Health Services & Counselling Services have urgent care options for student emergencies

If you are experiencing an emergency always call 911

Also keep these numbers in mind:

  • UBC Mobile First Aid - 604-822-4444
  • UBC Campus Security - 604-822-2222
  • UBC Hospital Urgent Care - 604-822-7222
  • Ambulance - 604-872-5151
  • Campus Fire Department - 604-665-6010
  • UBC RCMP Detachment - 604-224-1322 (non-emergency only)

Finally, these resources from UBC Student Health are available to students experiencing an after-hours emergency

Urgent care - Student Health Service reserves several same-day appointments each day for sudden illness and urgent care. The type of cases we see at that time tend to be sudden illnesses that interfere with your ability to function as a student. Please use these times for unexpected illnesses only.

After-hour emergencies - If you are a patient at Student Health Service and you have an urgent concern that cannot wait until the clinic opens, please call 604.822.7121 and ask to speak to the doctor on call.

Counselling Services reserves same day emergency appointments for urgent concerns.

What are urgent concerns? Urgent concerns are problems or issues that must be dealt with immediately, such as imminent safety concerns.

How to access emergency appointments? You can request an emergency appointment by calling Counselling Services reception at 604.822.3811 or visiting the office in person at 1040 Brock Hall.

After-hour emergencies - If you call Counselling Services at 604.822.3811 after hours, you will have the option of being linked to the Vancouver Crisis Line.

Q: How do I find out more about UBC resources?

In addition to the support services provided to BSN students by the School of Nursing, you also have access to a plethora of resources through UBC Student Services & your Enrolment Services Professional

Examples of services provided include:

To learn more, talk to your ESP, or visit UBC School of Nursing Student Support Office

Q: How do I change my personal information?

It is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date contact information so that the University can contact you with important information and updates. There are several ways to change contact information such email postal addresses, and name changes at the University.

Q: What is CWL & how do I create one?

Please go to the CWL Signup to create an account.

CWL Sign Up allows you to create a unique login name and password. You will be required to provide certain information to confirm your identity and create a CWL account. Once your CWL account is created, you will have access to applications that use CWL for authentication, such as the Student Service Centre, Canvas, and Blackboard Vista.


If you have trouble with your Campus Wide Login account,

Problems With Your CWL?

Q: How to obtain a UBC Hosted Email address?

The UBC Student Email Service is an optional combination of email aliasing and UBC hosted mailbox. Users of this service can obtain a UBC email address, cwl@student.ubc.ca 

Please note, it is now required that all BSN Students use the UBC provided email service as their primary mode of communication with UBC, the School of Nursing, and the BSN Program. This requirement has been put into place as of August 2014 to comply with requirements placed by the Health Authorities for facilitating clinical practice placements.

The forwarding service is not an option for BSN Students, as built in SPAM filters block group communications through HSPnet & Health Authority sites.

Sign up for Student and Alumni Email address

Student and Alumni Webmail

Also see:
Why do I have to use my UBC Hosted email account for Canvas?
How do I sync my UBC Hosted email with my mobile device?
How can I ‘un-forward’ my email & use the UBC hosted mailbox?
Why do I have to use my UBC hosted email account? Why can’t I forward my email?


Q: What is Canvas? How do I locate other Learning Resources?

Canvas is UBC's primary learning platform for delivering online course content. In Canvas, instructors can share materials (text or multimedia), enable student collaboration and discussion, manage assignments and quizzes, and assign grades. There are variety of ways technology has been integrated including as a primary means of delivering courses and programs (distance learning), to support and enhance face-to-face learning experiences (blended learning) and to support the self-directed and self-regulated learning of students and faculty.

***Please familiarize yourself with our Academic Resources***

Q: Why do I have to use my UBC Hosted email account for Canvas?

BSN students are also required to add & make primary their UBC Hosted email on Canvas because in Practice Course Canvas shells, students and instructors often post information about things that are protected by Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). 

To update your email on Canvas please:  

  • Ensure that you have a UBC Hosted mailbox. 
  • Go to https://canvas.ubc.ca/ & login with your CWL 
  • Select the "Account" icon on the top left corner of the page. 
  • From the menu that appears select "Settings" 
  • Under ways to contact, select add email & add your UBC Hosted email address. 
  • You will receive an email from Canvas asking you to confirm your email for your account. 
  • Once you've confirmed your email, please ensure the star that appears next to the email appears next to your UBC Hosted email. This will ensure communications from Canvas are sent to this email.