Practice Education Requirements

In order to ensure that the clinical learning needs of nursing students are met throughout their program, UBC sets up and assigns students to clinical placement opportunities in hospital or community settings across the Lower Mainland. HSPnet (Health Sciences Placement Network) is a nationwide online placement management system that supports this process and is used by all major health authorities in the Metro Vancouver region (i.e. VCHA, PHSA, FHA etc.) and nationwide.

HSPnet allows us to manage information related to the BSN program; to secure clinical placement opportunities; to assign students in specific clinical settings; to manage contact information/schedules and to conduct statistical analysis around placement data. Students will actively use HSPnet to view and manage information around their clinical placements.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their practice education requirements are up-to-date and completed throughout the program. Please review the BSN Practice Education Policy for more information.

Fourth Term

Certain requirements must be renewed annually. At the start of your second year, UBC School of Nursing students must complete the following prerequisites:

Health Authority Site-Specific Requirements

Students are responsible for completing the site-specific requirements for each health authority prior to beginning each new clinical placement experience. The Clinical Practice Placement Unit will inform you of which requirements you are required to complete, based on the clinical site you have been assigned to. Please review the Metro Vancouver Health Authority Practice Education sites listed below for more information: