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Q: Do you have a wait list for the BSN program?

No. Unsuccessful applicants must reapply the following year.

Q: How many applications does the School receive each year?

We receive approximately 500 applications each year. 

Q: How many students are accepted?

The School expects to admit 120 students per year each September. 

Q: What is the profile of the average student who is accepted?

There is no such thing as an "average student" as we have a wide range of people undertaking the course and welcome all applications. In 2015 the average GPA of those offered a place was around 80% (or 3.7), and students were aged between 19-48 years old, from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, 87.5% were female and about 89% had completed a prior first degree qualification. 

Q: Are there any post-admission requirements?

Yes. All newly admitted students are required

- to attend the Orientation Session scheduled during the week before the start of classes ;
- to comply with the immunization regulations of the Provincial Health Authorities related to vaccine-preventable communicable diseases;
- to complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC), CPR-HCP certification and N95 mask fitting test. 

Q: Can I complete the program through part-time studies?

No, students are expected to complete the program on a full-time basis and because of the demands of the accelerated program we advise against part-time work during the program. There is also no opportunity for electives. 

Q: Where can I find more information about UBC's general admission policies?
Q: How much is tuition for the Undergraduate Program?

Undergraduate tuition fees can be found on the Vancouver Academic Calendar
Information on Deposits and Registration Fees is also found on the Vancouver Academic Calendar

If you have questions about tuition or fees, please talk to your Enrollment Services Professional (ESP).


Q: Are there any other program costs outside of the tuition fees?

A breakdown of estimated program costs (excluding tuition) could be found below:

Additional program costs

Q: What are the payment options for tuition?

To view fees and make payments can be done through your Student Service Centre (SSC) account.

Fees and tuition can be paid with Interac Online, Online Banking and by Cheque. For more information and video tutorials on tuition payments, please visit: http://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/finances/tuition/payment

Q: What is an ESP and how can they help me?

Enrolment Services Professionals (ESP) are here to provide personalized support throughout your time at UBC. If you have questions about the registration process or your student account, contact your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP). ESPs are available to help all UBC students.

All undergraduate students in a degree program at UBC's Vancouver campus have their own dedicated Enrolment Services Professional. Your ESP can help you over the phone, by email, or you can make an appointment to meet with your ESP in person at a time that's convenient for you. 

Your ESP will be your go-to person for help with anything from your tuition payment to your application to graduate:

  • Tuition and fee collection and inquiries
  • Financial assistance and planning
  • Registration help
  • Support for U-Pass, your medical/dental plan and opting out
  • Requests for transcripts, etc.
  • Referrals to the right student services and resources across campus

Find your ESP's contact information on the Student Service Centre (SSC) under Personal Info > UBC Contacts.

Q: What immunizations will I be required to get for the BSN Program?

An immunization review by UBC Student Health Services must be completed before you enter your first clinical practical experience. The following immunizations must be reviewed/updated: Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Pertussis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis Screening as well as any health authority mandated seasonal vaccinations.

For more information, please contact Student Health Services who will be happy to advise and update you on any immunization requirements.

Please Note, an incomplete immunization status may prevent a student from attending clinical settings, and may have an impact on their progress in the program. 

Q: What CPR Level Course am I required to take for the BSN Program and where can I take it?

You are required to have completed a CPR-HCP (Health Care Provider) Level course before you begin your clinical practice experience. CPR-HCP certification is to be renewed every year thereafter. You can take the course through a number of facilities (e.g., adult education at your local School Board, local colleges, St. John’s Ambulance, etc.).

Suggested Locations:

Link 2 Life
2378 Alberta Street, Vancouver, B.C.Ph: (604) 428-1870
Email: office@link2life.ca
Please click on link below to sign up for a session.
Sign up for CPR-HCP course

Iridia Medical
1644 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.
Ph: (604) 685-4747
Email: info@iridiamedical.com
Please click on link below to sign up for a session.
Sign up for BLS/CPR-HCP course

Vancouver First Aid
Phone: +1 778-709-9180
Email: info@vancouverfirstaid.ca
Training Location: 1773 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N 3Z8
Sign up for CPR-HCP course 

The above companies are recommended but is not at all an inclusive list. Please feel free to enroll in a re-certification CPR-HCP course you in your own community.

Q: What is the N95 Mask and where can I go to get one?

As a requirement for practice, each student must be fitted with an N95 respirator prior to the start of practicum. The N95 respirator is a specially fitted mask to be used with Airborne infection control precautions. Fit testing for an N95 mask is to be renewed annually.

Suggested N95 Fit Testing Locations:

2378 Alberta Street Vancouver, BC
Ph: (604) 428-1870
Email: office@link2life.ca
Please click on link below to sign up for a session.
Sign up for N95 Mask Fit Testing

EMTEC Environmental Consulting Ltd.,
#121-8680 Cambie Road, Richmond, B.C.
Ph: 604-232-3365
Email: info@EmtecEnvironmental.com
Please click on link below to sign up for session.
Sign up for N95 Mask Fit Testing

Vancouver First Aid
Phone: +1 778-709-9180
Email: info@vancouverfirstaid.ca
Training Location: 1773 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N 3Z8
Sign up for N95 Mask Fit Testing 

The above four companies are recommended but is not an all an inclusive list. Outside the lower mainland you may find N95 Fit testing services for health facilities in your own community. The service you need is N95 respirator fit testing services conducted in accordance with the CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z94.4.02. The masks generally supplied in the relevant clinical placements in the BC Health Authorities include: 3M Aura 1870+ (3M 1870 to be phased out by 2016), 3M 1860, 3M 1860S, Kimberly Clark Regular, Kimberly Clark Small.

Q: How is the BSN Program Structured?

To make the most of your program we strongly encourage you to consult the Program Overview and Course Descriptions.

Q: What is CWL & how do I create one?

Please go to the CWL Signup to create an account.

CWL Sign Up allows you to create a unique login name and password. You will be required to provide certain information to confirm your identity and create a CWL account. Once your CWL account is created, you will have access to applications that use CWL for authentication, such as the Student Service Centre, Connect, and Blackboard Vista.


If you have trouble with your Campus Wide Login account,

Problems With Your CWL?

Q: How do I change my personal information?

It is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date contact information so that the University can contact you with important information and updates. There are several ways to change contact information such email postal addresses, and name changes at the University.

Q: How and when do I register for classes?

For information on course schedules, registration dates, registration deposits and registration video tutorials please visit: http://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/courses/registration

If you have questions about the registration process or your student account, contact your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP). ESPs are available to help all UBC students.

Q: Where can I find my BSN Program Course Schedule?

Please refer to the schedules posted on the School of Nursing website and your course syllabus.

Q: What are the Term Dates for the BSN Program?

BSN Program dates for Academic Year 2016 – 2017

The BSN Program is off-schedule from the UBC Academic Calendar and below are the dates Enrolment Services has approved for the BSN.  These dates include exams, last days for practicum, and remedial learning courses that should fall somewhere into one of those terms.  These are also the dates students will be using when reporting their program dates. 

2016/17 Winter Term Dates

Year 3

Term 1 – 2016 Winter Term 1

  • ​Start: September 6, 2016
  • End: December 21, 2016

Term 2 – 2016 Winter Term 2

  • Start: March 1st, 2017
  • End: April 14, 2017

Term 3 – 2017 Summer (1 & 2)

  • Start: April 24, 2017
  • End: July 28, 2017

Year 4 

Term 4 – 2016 Winter Term 1

  • Start: September 6, 2016
  • End: December 21, 2016

Term 5 – 2016 Winter Term 2

  • Start: January 3, 2017
  • End: April 30, 2017



Q: How can I obtain a Proof of Enrolment Letter or a Program Completion Letter?

Print your own from the Grades & Records tab of your SSC account – you can even create a letter for previous years and sessions. Check with the intended recipient to find out if the letter needs to bare the UBC seal – if so, contact your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP) or visit  the Information Centre in Brock Hall.


Q: How can I find out when my exams are in the BSN Program?

When exam dates become available, information is then posted on the bulletin boards outside the School of Nursing Administration Office and the Student Services Office. Exam dates & locations will also be posted on the "Announcements" tab of the BSN Program Announcements Blog.

As the SoN courses are off cycle from official UBC exam periods, please do not rely on UBC Student Services Center for exam information. Always check your syllabus for correct exam dates.

Q: At what point in the BSN program am I authorized to work as an Employed Student Nurse (ESN)?

If you are planning on becoming an ESN once Term 3 has completed, you will be required to request a Letter of Good Standing to include with your Health Authority application.

Once all exams, papers and grades have been submitted, the Progressions Committee Meeting determines whether students are in good standing. If you are planning to apply for an ESN role, you may contact student.services@nursing.ubc.ca just prior the completion of Term 3 to request your Letter of Good Standing. The Letters of Good Standing will be sent directly to students via e-mail.

It is recommended that students review the UBC School of Nursing Policy for Students Working as Employed Student Nurses (ESNs), which outlines what is required by the UBC School of Nursing to become an ESN.

Q: Where can I find a Gender-Inclusive Washroom?

There are two gender-inclusive single-stall washrooms located in the UBC Hospital-Koerner Pavillion.

  • First one is located on the 3rd Floor - Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy Room# T328
  • Second one is located on the main floor near the hospital reception area Room# M104.

*More locations on campus

For more information please visit the Access & Diversity Webpage

Q: How can I achieve Honours Standing upon graduation?

Students completing the bachelor of science in nursing program will be granted:

  • Honours standing if they are in the top-ranked 15% of their graduating class and achieve an average of a minimum of 85% in the third and fourth year levels of the program with no failed courses.
  • Class 1 Standing is any student over 85% who is not in the top 15% of the graduating class but has achieved 80% GPA or greater.
  • Class 2 Standing encompasses those whose graduating GPA is greater than 65% but less than 80%.