Message from the Director

What an exciting period of time to be considering nursing! 

Advances in science – social and natural – technology, and health care systems allows for nurses of the future to incorporate even more important skills into their daily work. 

UBC School of Nursing is at the cutting edge of research, practice, and education – using innovative methods to teach the next generation of future leaders, you will find the opportunity to study with world class faculty and clinical educa tors in over fifty sites and communities throughout the province. As faculty will share with you their passion with distinct populations and how the knowledge they gain through their research translates to changed practices, improved patient care, and quality in health care. 

The School of Nursing is supported by its engaged community members, alumni, emeriti and committed faculty and staff. As the largest health care profession in the province and the most accessible professional providing 24/7 point of care to patients in their most vulnerable times, nurses combine their knowledge of the sciences, expert communication techniques, and understanding of the whole person and the community in which they live to improve health outcomes, prevent injury, and advocate for access to the best care possible.

Welcome to this journey launching you into a career that will change your life – with potential for a global reach!

Suzanne H. Campbell, RN, PhD
Director, UBC School of Nursing