Our People

Phone Job title Email
Abdul-Fatawu Abdulai 604.822.7214 Assistant Professor Fatawu.Abdulai@ubc.ca
Nassim Adhami 1-604-827-2351 Lecturer and Undergraduate Electives Co-coordinator nadhami@mail.ubc.ca
Frances Affleck 604-827-2804 Lecturer Frances.Affleck@ubc.ca
Natcha Akkarawittayapoom Marketing Student Assistant prim.akkarawittayapoom@ubc.ca
Joan Anderson Professor Emeritus joan.anderson@ubc.ca
Shauna Archer Adjunct Professor
Rabia Askarzadeh Clinical Associate
Alii Askarzadeh Clinical Simulation Educator
Mitin Atlabachew Adjunct Professor Mitlin.Atlabachew@ubc.ca
Karen Atwal Adjunct Professor katwal04@mail.ubc.ca
Jonathan Avery Postdoctoral Research Fellow jonathan.avery@ubc.ca
Kimberley Bagshaw Clinical Associate kim.bagshaw@ubc.ca
Elisabeth Bailey 604.822.7468 Associate Professor of Teaching and Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs elisabeth.bailey@ubc.ca
Priya Bains Adjunct Professor
Vininder Bains Adjunct Professor
Nilanga Aki Bandara Research Assistant/ Tech 3 nilanga.bandara@ubc.ca
Lexia Bao Research Asst/Tech 1 lexia.bao@ubc.ca
Mycal Barrowclough Adjunct Professor
Melanie Basso 1-604-875-3799 Adjunct Professor mbasso@cw.bc.ca
Jennifer Baumbusch 1-604-822-7496 Professor and CIHR Chair in Sex and Gender Science: Dynamics of Caregiving in an Aging Society jennifer.baumbusch@ubc.ca
Michelle Bech Adjunct Professor
Elizabeth Beddard 1-604-886-5883 / 1-604-741-5554 Adjunct Professor ebhuber@mail.ubc.ca
Christoff Benoit Adjunct Professor
Avneet Bhatti RA Tech 3 avneet.bhatti@ubc.ca
Rajvinder Biling Clinical Associate
Agnes Black 1-604-682-2344 #66124 Adjunct Professor ablack@providencehealth.bc.ca
Lorraine Blackburn 1-604-875-4111 #68762 Adjunct Professor Lorraine.blackburn@vch.ca
Kaitlin Bloemberg Adjunct Professor kaitlin.bloemberg@ubc.ca
Jillian Boerstler Adjunct Professor Jillian.Boerstler@ubc.ca
Anna Bojancyzk-Shibata Adjunct Professor
Kymberley Bontinen 1-604-827-6467 Lecturer, Simulation Program Coordinator kymberley.bontinen@ubc.ca
Geertje Boschma 1-604-822-7457 Professor Geertje.Boschma@ubc.ca
Helen Brown 1-604-822-7445 Associate Professor Helen.Brown@ubc.ca
Annette Browne 1-604-822-7558 Professor & Distinguished University Scholar | Associate Director, Graduate Programs annette.browne@ubc.ca
Bernice Budz Adjunct Professor
Terri Buller-Taylor Research Manager, Agenda Lab terri.buller-taylor@ubc.ca
Vicky Bungay 1-604-822-7933 Professor; Associate Director, Research vicky.bungay@ubc.ca
Marlene Burrows 1-604-822-7464 Lecturer Marlene.Burrows@ubc.ca
David Byres 1.604.675.7489 Adjunct Professor david.byres@phsa.ca
Sarah Cain Clinical Associate sarah.cain@ubc.ca
Suzanne Campbell 1-604-822-7748 Professor suzanne.campbell@ubc.ca
Connie Canam Assistant Professor Emeritus cjcanam12@icloud.com
Chantel Canessa Adjunct Professor ccanessa2@cw.bc.ca
Marcia Carr 1-604-434-4211 #3446 Adjunct Professor marcia.carr@fraserhealth.ca
Michelle Carter 604.682.2344 X 62008 Adjunct Professor mcarter2@providencehealth.bc.ca
Elaine Carty Professor Emerita elaine.carty@ubc.ca
Elizabeth Cave Research Assistant ecave@mail.ubc.ca
Satwinder Chahal Clinical Associate satwinder.chahal@ubc.ca
Natalie Chambers 604.827.6819 Manager, Clinical Practice Placement Unit N.Chambers@ubc.ca
Viviane Chan Adjunct Professor
Emily Chan Graduate Programs Officer emily.chan@ubc.ca
Christy Chan Clinical Associate christy.chan@ubc.ca
Tsz Lune Chan Adjunct Professor
Garrett Chance Records & Scheduling Assistant garrett.chance@ubc.ca
Christina Chant 604.317.4657 Adjunct Professor christina.chant@vch.ca
Serena Chee Adjunct Professor
Zoe Chee Adjunct Professor
Kevin Chen Adjunct Professor
Edward Cheng 604-827-2304 HR Clerk edward.cheng@ubc.ca
Gurjeet Chhokar Clinical Associate gurjeet.chhokar@ubc.ca
Alyson Chin Adjunct Professor alyson.chin@ubc.ca
Wynne Chiu 604-806-8976 Adjunct Professor WChiu@providencehealth.bc.ca
Rico Choi Human Resources and Finance Manager Rico.Choi@ubc.ca
Drew Clark 604.822.4965 Assistant Professor Drew.Clark@ubc.ca
Marion Clauson Senior Instructor Emerita mclauson@shaw.ca
Alissa Collingridge Adjunct Professor
Meagan Coman Adjunct Professor
Heather Cooke Adjunct Professor
Mauricio Coronel Villalobos Postdoctoral Research Fellow mauricio.coronelvillalobos@ubc.ca
Megan Crane Clinical Associate megan.crane@ubc.ca
Sarah Crowe Adjunct Professor sarah.crowe@ubc.ca
Leanne M. Currie 604.822.7485 Associate Professor Leanne.Currie@ubc.ca
Susan Dahinten 604.822.7437 Associate Professor, PhD Program Coordinator Susan.Dahinten@ubc.ca
Landi Davidson Research Manager, Designing for People (K. Haase) landi.davidson@ubc.ca
Braden Davie Adjunct Professor
Andrew de la Cruz Clinical Associate andrew.delacruz@ubc.ca
Ryan Dee Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs ryan.dee@ubc.ca
Brittany Deeter Adjunct Professor
Rubee Dev 604.822.6249 Assistant Professor & VSP Faculty Coordinator Rubee.Dev@ubc.ca
Julie Devriendt Clinical Associate julie.devriendt@ubc.ca
Anne Dewar Associate Professor Emeritus anne.dewar@ubc.ca
Marilyn Dewis Assistant Professor Emeritus dewis@shaw.ca
Kalapreet Dhaliwal Clinical Associate kalapreet.dhaliwal@ubc.ca
Ranjit Dhari 1-604-822-6433 Associate Professor of Teaching and Undergraduate Electives Program Co-cordinator Ranjit.Dhari@ubc.ca
Nav Dhillon Adjunct Professor
Tessa Diaczun Adjunct Professor tessa.diaczun@ubc.ca
Tania Dick Indigenous Nursing Lead tania.dick@ubc.ca
Madeleine Dion Stout Honorary Professor mdionsto@mail.ubc.ca
Shayna Dolan Site Coordinator shayna.dolan@ubc.ca
Ashley Dornan Clinical Associate ashley.dornan@ubc.ca
Jennifer Du Clinical Associate jennifer.du@ubc.ca
Lucille Duncan Aboriginal Elder Researcher lucille.duncan@ubc.ca
Catherine Ebbehoj Retired, Honorary Lecturer Cathy.Ebbehoj@ubc.ca
Barb Eddy Adjunct Professor barb.eddy@vch.ca
Helen Elfert Associate Professor Emeritus helen.elfert@ubc.ca
Cynthia Elliott Adjunct Professor
Jana Encinger Adjunct Professor
Janet Ericksen Assistant Professor Emerita Ericksen@telus.net
Hilary Espezel Adjunct Professor hilary.espezel@ubc.ca
Lynne Esson 1-604-822-7474 Honorary Lecturer Lynne.Esson@ubc.ca
Allison Ezzat Postdoctoral Research Fellow allison.ezzat@ubc.ca
Hannah Facknitz Communications and Community Relations Manager, SARAVYC Hannah.Facknitz@ubc.ca
Lanie Fajardo Clinical Associate lanie.fajardo@ubc.ca
Carla Ferreira 1-604-822-0727 Associate Professor of Teaching carla.ferreira@ubc.ca
Andrea Corinne Fieldhouse Adjunct Professor
Vanessa Fong Postdoctoral Research Fellow vanessa.fong@ubc.ca
Jacqueline Forman Adjunct Professor jforman@providencehealth.bc.ca
Sue Foster 604.827.2805 Lecturer sue.foster@ubc.ca
Christine Frechette ON LEAVE Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab Assistant christine.frechette@ubc.ca
Yuchen (Nina) Gao Project Coordinator nina.gao@ubc.ca
Neena Garcha RA Tech 1 navneet.garcha@ubc.ca
Fin Gareau Adjunct Professor
Bernie Garrett 1-604-822-7443 Associate Professor; Associate Director, Infrastructure and Technology Bernie.Garrett@ubc.ca
Emma Garrod Adjunct Professor
Jennifer Gibson 604-928-3293 Adjunct Professor jgibson@providencehealth.bc.ca
Ruby Gidda Adjunct Professor
Kristen Gilbert Adjunct Professor kristen.gilbert@ubc.ca
Sabrina Gill Adjunct Professor sgill2@cw.bc.ca
Jasjit Gill Adjunct Professor jasjit.gill@vch.ca
Ranjit Gill Adjunct Professor Ranjit.Gill@ubc.ca
Navgeet Gill Clinical Associate novi.gill@ubc.ca
Huner Gill Clinical Associate huner.gill@ubc.ca
Marco Gnoato Adjunct Professor
Irene Goldstone Adjunct Professor
Trevor Goodyear VSP Instructor trevor.goodyear@ubc.ca
Ivy Goula Clinical Associate ivy.goula@ubc.ca
Keara Graham Adjunct Professor keara.graham@ubc.ca
Pardeep Grewal Adjunct Professor
Jas Grewal Clinical Associate jas.grewal@ubc.ca
Marlee Groening Adjunct Professor
Sonya Grypma Adjunct Professor
Lena Gu Clinical Associate lena.gu@ubc.ca
Su-Er Guo Visiting Faculty Member suer.guo@ubc.ca
Lara Gurney Adjunct Professor
Kris Gustavson 1-604-875-3088 Adjunct Professor kgustavson@cw.bc.ca
Tracy Leanne Gwozd Adjunct Professor tracy.gwozd@ubc.ca
Kristen Haase 604.827.0979 Assistant Professor Kristen.Haase@ubc.ca
Christina Hagner Adjunct Professor
Wendy Hall Professor Emeritus Wendy.Hall@ubc.ca
Danica Hamilton Adjunct Professor
Catherine Haney Postdoctoral Research Fellow catherine.haney@ubc.ca
Jillian Harding 1-604-827-1348 Lecturer Jillian.Harding@ubc.ca
Shazeen Hasham 604 827-2508 Undergraduate Placement Coordinator shazeen.hasham@ubc.ca
Farinaz (Naz) Havaei 604-827-4732 Assistant Professor farinaz.havaei@ubc.ca
Angela Henderson Associate Professor Emeritus Angela.Henderson@ubc.ca
Roberta Hewat Associate Professor Emerita Roberta.Hewat@ubc.ca
Klara Hill 6048229588 Administrative Support 2 klara.hill@ubc.ca
Ann Hilton Professor Emeritus
Saima Hirani Assistant Professor saima.hirani@ubc.ca
Ginny Ho Clinical Associate ginny.ho@ubc.ca
Kariane Holmes Clinical Associate kariane.holmes@ubc.ca
Laura Housden Adjunct Professor
A. Fuchsia Howard 1-604-822-4372 Associate Professor fuchsia.howard@ubc.ca
Andy Hsu 604-827-1359 Operations Manager andy.hsu@ubc.ca
Anna-Marie Hughes Assistant Professor Emeritus
Merrilee Hughes 1-604-822-1409 Scholarship Development & Grant Facilitator Merrilee.Hughes@ubc.ca
Lillian Hung 778.870.2839 Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Senior Care lillian.hung@ubc.ca
Irene Ingel Irene.Ingel@ubc.ca
Cathryn Jackson 1-604-822-7432 Retired Cathryn.Jackson@ubc.ca
Sukhwant Jassar Adjunct Professor Sukhwant.Jassar@ubc.ca
Emily Jenkins 1-604-822-4980 Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Socioecological Approaches to Mental Health and Substance Use emily.jenkins@ubc.ca
Carol Jillings Associate Professor Emeritus Carol.Jillings@gmail.com
Fahrin Jiwani Clinical Associate fahrin.jiwani@ubc.ca
Gloria Joachim Associate Professor Emeritus Gloria.Joachim@ubc.ca
Cheyenne Johnson Adjunct Professor cheyenne.johnson@bccsu.ubc.ca
Claudette Jut Clinical Associate claudette.jut@ubc.ca
Martha Kahnapace RA Tech 3 martha.kahnapace@ubc.ca
Rujun Kang Research Asst/Tech 4 rkang@mail.ubc.ca
Sonia Kang Clinical Associate sonia.kang@ubc.ca
Shahin Kassam Postdoctoral Research Fellow shahin.kassam@ubc.ca
Megan Kaulius Research Manager, Choose to Move megan.kaulius@ubc.ca
David Keselman Adjunct Professor david.keselman@ubc.ca
Saajidah Khaku Clinical Associate s.khaku@ubc.ca
Gino Kim 1-604-822-7446 Manager, Student Services gino.kim@ubc.ca
Teddy Kim Clinical Associate taehyun.kim@ubc.ca
Nicole Kish-Field Research Asst/Tech 4 nyki.kishfield@ubc.ca
Maja Kolar Adjunct Professor
Ardelle Komaryk Adjunct Professor
Mo Korchinski Research Asst Tech 4 Mo.Korchinski@ubc.ca
Jennifer Krist 1-604-822-7063 Lecturer jennifer.krist@ubc.ca
Tyesa Kruz Program Coordinator tyesa.kruz@ubc.ca
Leah Lambert 1.604.829.7717 Clinical Assistant Professor leah.lambert@bccancer.bc.ca
Ania Landy Training Coordinator ania.landy@ubc.ca
Barbara Langlois Adjunct Professor blangloi@mail.ubc.ca
Alexandra Lanoville Clinical Associate alexandra.lanoville@ubc.ca
Sandra Lauck Associate Professor slauck@providencehealth.bc.ca
Barbara Lawrie 1-604-875-5459 Adjunct Professor Barb.Lawrie@vch.ca
Thuy Le Adjunct Professor
Jennifer Lehoux Adjunct Professor
Linda Leonard Associate Professor Emeritus linda.leonard@ubc.ca
Deborah Lester Adjunct Professor
Cecilia Li Adjunct Professor
Sophia Li Student Cultural Ambassador sophia.li@ubc.ca
Chi-Chun Lin Postdoctoral Research Fellow chichun.lin@ubc.ca
Nancy Lipsky 604 822 3278 Project Manager, CRiHHI nancy.lipsky@ubc.ca
Bandanjit Litt Clinical Associate bobby.litt@ubc.ca
Jennifer Lloyd Research Associate jennifer.lloyd@ubc.ca
Phoebe Long 1-604-822-3183 Research Manager / Knowledge Translation and Exchange Manager phoebe.long@ubc.ca
Jacqueline Lum Adjunct Professor jlum2@mail.ubc.ca
Judith M. Lynam Professor Emeritus Judith.Lynam@ubc.ca
Kelsey Lynch Research Manager, CRiHHI kelsey.lynch@ubc.ca
Andy Ma Research Coordinator atf.ma@ubc.ca
Martha Mackay 1-604-682-2344 x63127 Clinical Associate Professor martha.mackay@ubc.ca
Eric Macnaughton Research Manager, CRPiD eric.macnaughton@ubc.ca
Maura MacPhee 1-604-822-2891 Professor Emeritus Maura.MacPhee@ubc.ca
Paula Mahon Adjunct Professor pmahon@cw.bc.ca
Jill Mahy 1-778-953-1234 Lecturer jill.mahy@ubc.ca
Melissa Mailey Adjunct Professor
Esperanza Mairena Clinical Associate esperanza.mairena@ubc.ca
Heather Mak Adjunct Professor heather.mak@ubc.ca
Lisa Maks Adjunct Professor Lisa.Maks@ubc.ca
Paulina Malcolm Research Asst/Tech 4 poninam@mail.ubc.ca
Noreen Malhi Adjunct Professor
Navneet Mangat Clinical Associate navneet.mangat@ubc.ca
Bhavan Manhas Adjunct
Debbie Mann 1-604-827-2810 Lecturer Debbie.Mann@ubc.ca
Heidi Mannis Adjunct Professor
Sandra Marquis Postdoctoral Research Fellow sandra.marquis@ubc.ca
Corey McAuliffe Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sheila McBurney 1-604-822-0359 Lecturer and BSN Program Coordinator Sheila.McBurney@ubc.ca
Fairleth McCuaig 1-604-822-0318 Associate Professor of Teaching, NP Program Coordinator Fairleth.McCuaig@ubc.ca
Kenneth Noel McDonald Adjunct Professor kenneth.mcdonald@ubc.ca
Conor McGarry Student Cultural Ambassador conor.mcgarry@ubc.ca
Liza McGuinness 1-604-822-7459 Research Manager, Agenda Lab liza.mcguinness@bccdc.ca
Christine McKay 604.822.7747 Director's Assistant christine.mckay@ubc.ca
Catherine McNamee-Clark Adjunct Professor
Rejiv Menon Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator rejiv.menon@ubc.ca
Danielle Merasty Research Assistant /Technician 3 danielle.merasty@ubc.ca
Shannon Millar Research Coordinator shannon.millar@ubc.ca
Lori Miller Adjunct Professor miller9@mail.ubc.ca
Minna Miller Adjunct Professor Minna.Miller@cw.bc.ca
Parker Mills Clinical Associate parker.mills@ubc.ca
Shameem Mirza Clinical Associate shameem.mirza@ubc.ca
Jonathan Mislang 1-604-827-1307 Clinical Associate/Clinical Simulation Educator Jonathan.Mislang@ubc.ca
Keren Mitchell Adjunct Professor kerenlmitchell@gmail.com
Cassandra Moniz Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs cassandra.moniz@ubc.ca
Gabriela Montaner Project Coordinator gabriela.montaner@ubc.ca
Andrea Monteiro Research Associate andrea.monteiro@ubc.ca
Margaret Moss Honorary Professor mossx015@umn.edu
Jane Narayan Adjunct Professor
Ronita Nath Managing Director, SARAVYC ronita.nath@bccdc.ca
Andre Naval 604.822.7865 Clinical Simulation Lab Technician andre.naval@ubc.ca
Jon Neufeld Clinical Associate jonathan.neufeld@ubc.ca
Suzanne Nixon 604.682.2344 x 63292 Adjunct Professor snixon@providencehealth.bc.ca
Tracie Northway Adjunct Professor
Sheila Novek Postdoctoral Research Fellow sheila.novek@ubc.ca
Leah Katrina Nurmi Adjunct Professor leah.nurmi@ubc.ca
Christine Nystrom Clinical Associate christine.nystrom@ubc.ca
Kathy O'Flynn-Magee Associate Professor of Teaching Emeritus Kathy.OFlynnMagee@ubc.ca
Emmanuela Ojukwu Assistant Professor Emmanuela.Ojukwu@ubc.ca
John Oliffe 1-604-822-7638 Professor John.Oliffe@ubc.ca
Rachel Ollivier 604.875.3290 Adjunct Professor rachel.ollivier@cw.bc.ca
Amber Oram Clinical Associate amber.oram@ubc.ca
Carole Orchard 519-520 9844 Adjunct Professor | Professor Emerita and Adjunct Research Professor at Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, University of Western Ontario corchao1@mail.ubc.ca
Natasha Orr Postdoctoral Research Fellow natasha.orr@ubc.ca
Mark Pabustan Adjunct Professor mark.pabustan@ubc.ca
Becky Palmer Adjunct Professor
Chi Wei Pan Adjunct Professor chiweip@mail.ubc.ca
Amrita Pannu Clinical Associate amrita.pannu@ubc.ca
Michelle Paquette Research Assistant /Technician 3
Beena Parappilly Adjunct Professor
Megan Patapoff Adjunct Professor
Jacqueline Per Adjunct Professor
Jo Ann Perry Associate Professor Emeritus joannperry742@gmail.com
Vladimir Petchkovsky 604 822 0380 Graduate Program Placement Coordinator v.petchkovsky@ubc.ca
Alison Phinney 1-604-822-7484 Professor and Associate Director, Faculty Development Alison.Phinney@ubc.ca
Karen Pike Adjunct Professor Karen.Pike@ubc.ca
Laurel Plewes Adjunct Professor
Sukhpreet Poonia Adjunct Professor Sukhpreet.Poonia@ubc.ca
Cheryl Prescott Adjunct Professor cheryl.prescott@fraserhealth.ca
Roberta Price Aboriginal Elder Researcher roberta.price@ubc.ca
Natasha Prodan-Bhalla Mobile: 604.813.4817 Adjunct Professor nprodanbhalla@phsa.ca
Gail Prowse Associate Professor Emeritus
Lori Quinn Adjunct Professor
Jenna Quinton Clinical Associate jenna.quinton@ubc.ca
Tatjiana Radosavljevic Adjunct Professor Tatjiana.Radosavljevic@ubc.ca
Raluca Radu Adjunct Professor raluca.radu@ubc.ca
Parastoo Rahmanian Clinical Associate Parastoo.Rahmanian@ubc.ca
Zahra Rajwani Research Assistant/ Tech 2 zahra.rajwani@ubc.ca
Sabita Ram Clinical Associate sabita.ram@ubc.ca
Scott Ramsay 1.604.822.7432 Assistant Professor scott.ramsay@ubc.ca
Monica Rana Postdoctoral Research Fellow monica.rana@ubc.ca
Manon Ranger 604.827.1382 Assistant Professor Manon.Ranger@ubc.ca
Pamela Ratner Professor Emeritus Pam.Ratner@ubc.ca
Farzana Rayani Adjunct Professor
Desirée Camille Reichhardt Adjunct Professor desiree.reichhardt@fraserhealth.ca
Joanne Ricci Senior Instructor Emeritus Joanne.Ricci@ubc.ca
J. Alison Rice Assistant Professor Emeritus
Ruth Ringland Adjunct Professor ruth.ringland@fraserhealth.ca
Samantha Catherine Robinson Adjunct Professor srobin01@mail.ubc.ca
Patricia Rodney 1-604-822-7507 Associate Professor Emeritus Paddy.Rodney@ubc.ca
Shannon Rooney Lecturer shannon.rooney@ubc.ca
Marina Rosu Adjunct Professor mrosu@mail.ubc.ca
Jen Rosychuk Adjunct Professor
Elizabeth Saewyc 1-604-822-7747 Professor & Distinguished University Scholar, Director, School of Nursing elizabeth.saewyc@ubc.ca
Hooman Salavati Research Assistant /Technician 2 hooman.salavati@ubc.ca
Wendy Sanders Clinical Associate wendy.sanders@fraserhealth.ca
Harroop Sandu Adjunct Professor Harroop.Sandu@ubc.ca
Simrin Sangha Adjunct Professor
Paulina del Carmen Santaella Tafolla Adjunct Professor Paulina.Santaella@ubc.ca
Benedicte Schioetz Clinical Associate benedicte.schioetz@ubc.ca
Ashley Scott 1-604-822-7481 Associate Professor of Teaching ashley.scott@ubc.ca
Cheryl Segaric 1-604-822-7479 Associate Professor of Teaching and Director, MHLP Programs Cheryl.Segaric@ubc.ca
Minjeong Seo Visiting Faculty Member minjeong.seo@ubc.ca
Ayush Sharma 604-827-3101 Practice Education Coordinator ayush.sharma@ubc.ca
Paul Sharp Posdoctoral Research Fellow
Lucy Shorthouse Adjunct Professor lshorthouse@shaw.ca
Samantha Sierra Website Designer sam.sierra@ubc.ca
Harvinder Sihota Adjunct Professor
Kelly Simmons Clinical Associate kelly.simmons@ubc.ca
Karen Sims Adjunct Professor
James Sinclair Research Assistant/ Tech 1 James.Sinclair@ubc.ca
Manjot Singh Clinical Associate jodi.singh@ubc.ca
Ellen Siu 1-604-822-7749 Senior Manager ellen.siu@ubc.ca
Monika Slazkiewicz Adjunct Professor Monika.Slazkiewicz@ubc.ca
Isabel Sloan Yip Research Coordinator Isabel.SloanYip@ubc.ca
Annie Smith Adjunct Professor
Chelsea Smith Research Asst Tech 2 chelsea.smith@ubc.ca
Iksu Song Financial Clerk iksu.song@ubc.ca
Kelly Southam 1-604-822-7489 Student Awards Assistant Kelly.Southam@ubc.ca
Brittany Spence Adjunct Professor Brittany.Spence@ubc.ca
Miriam Stewart 1-604-613-0154 Adjunct Professor mstewart@providencehealth.bc.ca
April Stewart Adjunct Professor
Megan Joy Stowe 236.332.3088 Adjunct Professor megan.stowe@vch.ca
Crystal Sun Project Manager - Virtual Reality Project Crystal.Sun@ubc.ca
Mark Sutherland Adjunct Professor
Heather Swallow 1-604-822-7442 Web & Communications Coordinator Heather.Swallow@ubc.ca
Emily Tai Adjunct Professor etai@cw.bc.ca
Patricia Tait 1-604-822-2852 Research Unit Manager Capacity Research Unit patricia.tait@ubc.ca
Elsie Tan Professor of Teaching Emeritus Elsie.Tan@ubc.ca
Erin Tang Adjunct Professor Erin.Tang@ubc.ca
Gordon Tao Research Assistant/Tech 3 gordon.tao@ubc.ca
Ashley Taylor Postdoctoral Research Fellow ashleyb.taylor@ubc.ca
Tajaira Thiessen Adjunct Professor Tajaira.Thiessen@ubc.ca
Robert Gregory "Greg" Thomas-Reilly Adjunct Professor
Sally Thorne 1-604-822-7482 Professor Emeritus Sally.Thorne@ubc.ca
Meaghan Anne Thumath 1.604.675.3878 Clinical Assistant Professor meaghan.thumath@ubc.ca
Kelsey Timler Research Manager, Transform Health Justice kelsey.timler@ubc.ca
Julie Tipping Lecturer julie.tipping@ubc.ca
Paula Tognazzini Senior Instructor Emeritus Paula.Tognazzini@ubc.ca
Maria Torrejon Carvacho Postdoctoral Research Fellow matorrej@mail.ubc.ca
Michele Trask 1.604.877.6000 x 676026 Adjunct Professor michele.trask@bccancer.bc.ca
Amandeep Turre Clinical Associate amandeep.turre@ubc.ca
Tricia Ueda 604.822.7277 Laboratory Education Coordinator tricia.ueda@ubc.ca
Kamal Uppal Clinical Associate kamal.uppal@ubc.ca
Manpreet Uppal Clinical Associate manpreetkaur.takharuppal@ubc.ca
Madelaine Valli Clinical Associate madeleine.valli@ubc.ca
Devon Vanginkel Clinical Associate devon.vanginkel@ubc.ca
Colleen Varcoe 1-604-827-3121 Professor Emeritus Colleen.Varcoe@ubc.ca
Laura Vicol 1-604-875-6719 Adjunct Professor lvicol@cw.bc.ca
Marcela Villaca Research Asst/Tech 4 Marcela.Villaca@ubc.ca
Chandra Waddington Lecturer chandra.waddington@ubc.ca
David Waller Adjunct Professor
Joan-Brenda Wandolo Youth Engagement Specialist joan.wandolo@ubc.ca
Selene Wang Clinical Associate
Charlotte Wang Administrative Assistant Charlotte.Wang@ubc.ca
Ethel Warbinek Assistant Professor Emeritus
Dana Warn Clinical Associate dana.warn@ubc.ca
Fay Warnock Assistant Professor Emeritus fay.warnock@ubc.ca
Brittany Elyse Watson Adjunct Professor brittany.watson2@vch.ca
Jennifer Watters Adjunct Professor Jennifer.Watters@ubc.ca
Nora Whyte 1-250-338-8062 Adjunct Professor nwhyte@shaw.ca
Nicole Ann Wikjord 604.693.6742 Adjunct Professor Nicole.Wikjord@fnha.ca
Carrie Willekes Adjunct Professor carrie.willekes@vch.ca
Kim Wilson Clinical Associate kim.wilson@ubc.ca
Claire Wilson Adjunct Professor
Margot Wilson 1-604-682-2344 #66522 Adjunct Professor mwilson@providencehealth.bc.ca
Janille Wingson-Gore Clinical Associate janille.wingsongore@ubc.ca
Joey Wong RA tech 2 joey.wong@ubc.ca
Sabrina Wong 1-604-827-5584 Professor Sabrina.Wong@ubc.ca
Celina Woo 604-875-2345 extension 6895 Adjunct Professor Cwoo2@cw.bc.ca
Sarah Wu Research Coordinator Sarah.Wu@ubc.ca
Anne Wyness Associate Professor Emeritus anne.wyness@ubc.ca
Lydia Wytenbroek 604-827-2623 Assistant Professor Lydia.Wytenbroek@ubc.ca
Judy Yim Clinical Associate judy.yim@ubc.ca
Pamela Young Research Asst Tech 4 Pamela.Young@ubc.ca
Samantha Young Research Asst Tech 4 Samantha.Young@ubc.ca
Kyle Yrjola Clinical Associate kyle.yrjola@ubc.ca
Peter Yu Clinical Associate peter.yu@ubc.ca
Kathleen Yue Adjunct Professor Kathleen.Yue@ubc.ca
Sheryl Zentner Adjunct Professor
Glennis Zilm 250-914-8331 Honorary Professor glenniszilm@gmail.com
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