Martha Mackay, PhD, RN, CCN(C)

Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cardiology

St. Paul's Hospital
Heart Centre
CNS - Cardiology
1033 Davie St., Suite 518
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6E 1M7

Dr. Mackay divides her time between clinical and research roles. As the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cardiology at St. Paul’s Heart Centre, her focus is on the interdisciplinary development, implementation and evaluation of new programs for patients with ischemic heart disease. Her research is funded by national agencies and is in the area of the influence of, and interventions aimed at the socio-demographic (e.g. sex/gender, ethnicity) and behavioural (e.g. depression) factors that affect patients with ischemic heart disease, particularly at time of transition.

May also be eligible for co-supervision of MSN Theses and Doctoral Dissertations.


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Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

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Supervisor eligibility: 

  • MN
  • MSN – thesis
  • MSN – non-thesis
  • PhD