Ranjit Dhari, MSN, BN

Assistant Professor of Teaching, BSN Program Coordinator (Term 4/5), Clinical Practice Co-Lead

Ms. Dhari is an Instructor in the nursing undergraduate program. A faculty member since 2013, Ms. Dhari has background in Public Health nursing, with a strong interest in engaging students in service learning in the primary health care context, especially with community agencies serving marginalized populations. She developed, in consultation with other health professions, a series of flipped classrooms to promote in-depth knowledge related to specific topics. Ms. Dhari is a recipient of Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice, 1995, College of Registered Nurses of BC.


Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

Lynam, M.J., Gurm, B., & Dhari, R. (2000). Exploring perinatal health in Indo-Canadian women. Can Nurse,  96(4), 18-24.

Dhari, R., Patel, I., Fryer, M., Dhari, M., Bilku, S., & Bains, S. (1997). Creating a supportive environment for Indo-Canadian women. Can Nurse, 93(3), 27-31.



Supervisor eligibility: 

  • MN
  • MSN – non-thesis