Paula Tognazzini, MSN

Senior Instructor Emeritus

1230 East 23rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6S 1M1


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Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

LaFrance, G.A., Tognazzini, P., Aboriginal Health Nursing Preceptorship Manual (2006)

Rajakumar,S., Jillings,C., Osborne,M., Tognazzini,P.(2008)Spritiuality and Depression :The Role of Spirituality in the Process of Recovering from Depression . Spirituality and Health International (9).

Brunsdale, P., Iker, C., Jagoe, L., McConnell, B., Mittler, J., Streeton, C., (South Community Health Centre) and  Tognazzini, P., (UBC Schoolof Nursing).  Bluer than Blue-A Report of Depression Education and Screening Initiative for Youth