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Dr. Boschma studies nursing and health care history, with special emphasis on mental health and the transition to community mental health in the latter half of the 20th century. She explores the ways nurses, clients and families have experienced changes in mental health care and contributed to them. She recently had a chapter in an award winning book Nursing History for Contemporary Role Development (editors Lewenson, S, McAllister, A. & Smith, K.) which received the 2018 Mary Roberts Award from the American Association for the History of Nursing.


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Boschma, G., Davies, M., & Morrow, M. (2014). "Those people known as mental patients...": Professional and patient engagement in community mental health in Vancouver BC in the 1970s, Oral History Forum, 34(2014). Link:

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"The inmates are running the asylum: Stories from the MPA [Mental Patient Association]” - A documentary about the group that transformed Canada's psychiatric landscape. DVD, 36-minutes. Created by the MPA founders’ collective. Producer: Megan Davies, Co-Producer: Marina Morrow, Associate Co-Producer: Geertje Boschma. © History of Madness Productions 2013. With teacher's guide.

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