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Boschma, G., Davies, M., & Morrow, M. (2014). "Those people known as mental patients...": Professional and patient engagement in community mental health in Vancouver BC in the 1970s, Oral History Forum, 34(2014). Link:

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"The inmates are running the asylum: Stories from the MPA [Mental Patient Association]” - A documentary about the group that transformed Canada's psychiatric landscape. DVD, 36-minutes. Created by the MPA founders’ collective. Producer: Megan Davies, Co-Producer: Marina Morrow, Associate Co-Producer: Geertje Boschma. © History of Madness Productions 2013. With teacher's guide.

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Boschma, G., Santiago, L. M, Choy, C., & Ronquillo, C. (2012). Health Worker Migration in Canada: Histories, Geographies, and Ethics. Working Paper (Policy Brief) – WP# 12- 02. Metropolis BC (electronic). Full text can be viewed at

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Boschma, G. (1989). Tegenstrijdigheden in Integrerende Verpleegkunde [Contradictions in ‘Integrated Nursing’]. Verpleegkunde 4(1), 4-16.


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