A. Fuchsia Howard, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

Dr. Howard’s research examines the health service needs of vulnerable, high-risk survivors of acute life-threatening illness. She uses qualitative and mixed-methods to understand patient-perspectives. She contributes to patient-centered health care solutions that are responsive to the long-term burden of illness. Her research interests also include hereditary cancer prevention and risk management and psychosocial and ethnocultural factors that shape health and illness experiences.


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Refereed Publications

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Book Chapters

Howard, A.F., Balneaves, L.G., & Kazanjian, A. (2013). Mastectomy to prevent breast cancer: Psychosocial aspects of women’s decision making. In B.I. Carr & J.L. Steel (Eds.), Psychological Aspects of Cancer. NY: Springer.

Non-refereed Publications

Howard, A.F., & Goddard, K. (2011). Late effects: Psychosocial. Pediatric Oncology Education Materials. http://www.pedsoncologyeducation.com

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