Emily Jenkins, PhD, MPH, RN

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Socioecological Approaches to Mental Health and Substance Use

Dr. Emily Jenkins, a registered nurse, is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia. She brings extensive clinical and research expertise from acute and community mental health and substance use settings.

Her clinical training and experience informs her program of research, which aims to enhance mental health outcomes and reduce substance use harms for Canadians through mental health promotion strategies and health services and policy redesign. Dr. Jenkins current research is characterized by an “upstream” focus and includes studies exploring strategies to facilitate citizen engagement in mental health and substance use policy and intervention design, and youth engaged research to promote mental health and reduce substance use harms.

She is recognized as a leader in the youth mental health and substance use field and has established policy, practice and media channels that support knowledge mobilization and research impact.


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