Kathy O'Flynn-Magee, MSN, RN

Associate Professor of Teaching Emeritus

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A dedicated instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Ms. O’Flynn-Magee believes that teaching, like nursing, is a relational practice, and the nature of the relationship between learners and teachers is key to effective teaching and learning processes. She has collaborated on teaching scholarship projects to explore Grading Beliefs and Curriculum Practices, Communication Education, and is currently immersed in research that relates to students’ experience of bullying. 


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O’Flynn-Magee, K., & Clauson, M. (2013). Uncovering nurse educators' beliefs and values about grading academic papers: guidelines for best practices. Journal of Nursing Education, 52 (9), 492-499.

Boschma, G., Einboden, R., Groening, M., Jackson, C., MacPhee, M., Marshall, H., O'Flynn Magee, K., Simpson, M., Tognazzini, P., Croxen, H., & Haney, C., Roberts, E. (2010). Strengthening communication education in the Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum. International Journal of Nursing Education, 7(1). Article 28. DOI: 10.2202/1548-923X.2043

Jillings, C. & O’Flynn-Magee, K. (2007). Knowledge and knowing made manifest: Curriculum process in student-centered learning. In Young, L.E. & Paterson, B. (Eds.). Teaching nursing: Student-centered theories, models and strategies for nurse educators (p.383-402). Toronto: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

Thorne, S. Reimer Kirkham, S. & O’Flynn-Magee, K. (2004). The analytic challenge in interpretive description. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 3(1), 1-21. 


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