Fairleth McCuaig, MSN, NP(Family), ARNP(WA., USA), FNP-BC(ANCC,USA), CPHI

Lecturer, NP Program Coordinator

UBC School of Nursing
T201 2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6T 2B5


Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

Joachim, G., Boyle, B., Thomson, S., McCuaig, F., Jennings, M., Etesami, A., Helmer, D., Kanji, F., & Leung, B.(2010). The e-portfolio: A partnership between education and practice.Vancouver, B.C. BCNPA Conference Presentation.

Brar, K.,Boschma, G. & McCuaig, F. (2010). The Development of Nurse Practitioner Preparation beyond the Master's Level: What is the Debate About? International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, vol. 7(1).Retrieved June 12, 2013 from http://www.bepress.com/

McCuaig, F.(2000). The Critical Thinking Dispositions of Diploma Nursing Students. Masters Thesis, Gonzaga University.


Supervisor eligibiity: 

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