Vicky Bungay, PhD, RN

Professor; Associate Director, Research

Canada Research Chair Tier II: Gender, Equity and Community Engagement

111 - 2176 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver BC Canada V6T 1Z3

Dr. Bungay’s research focuses on addressing inequities that negatively affect people’s health and well-being including the devastating effects of stigma, discrimination, and violence. She explores how research partnerships can positively impact communities that are excluded in health and social policy; programming that affects their lives; and how community-based interventions support real world evidence.


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Selected Publications

Varcoe, C., Browne, A., Bungay, V., Wilson, E. Bungay, V. et al. (In Press). Through an equity lens: Illuminating the relationships among social inequities, stigma and discrimination, and patient experiences of Emergency health care. International Journal of Health Services. 

Jiao, S., Bungay, V., & Jenkins, E. (2021). Information and communication technologies in commercial sex work : A double-edged sword for occupational health and safety. Social Sciences, 10(1), 23,

Gagnon, M., Payne, A., Guta, A., & Bungay, V. (2021). Food engages people, as we know : health care and service providers’ experiences of using food as an incentive in HIV care and support in British Columbia, Canada, AIDS Care:

Bungay, V., Guta, A., Varcoe, C., Slemon, A., Manning, E., Comber, S., & Perri, M. (2021). Gaps in health research related to sex work : an analysis of Canadian health research funding. Critical Public Health,

Greer, A., Buxton, J., Pauly, B., & Bungay, V. (2021). Organizational support for frontline harm reduction and system navigation work among workers with living and lived experience: Qualitative findings from British Columbia, Canada. Harm Reduction Journal, 18:60

Handlovsky, I., Bungay, V., Oliffe, J., & Johnson, J. (2020) Overcoming adversity: A grounded theory of health management among middle-aged and older gay men. Sociology of Health & Illness. 42(7), 1566-1580.

Greer, A., Bungay, V., Pauly, B., & Buxton, J. (2020). ‘Peer’ work as precarious: A qualitative study of work conditions and experiences of people who use drugs engaged in harm reduction work. International Journal of Drug Policy, 85, 102922.

Ferlatte, O., Oliffe, J.L., Salway, T., Broom, A., Bungay, V. & Rice S.M. (2019). Using photovoice to understand suicidality among gay and bisexual men. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 48(5), 1529-1541.

Bungay, V. & Casey, L. (2019). Chapter 8. Ethical issues in providing care to women engaged in sex work. In Ethical Issues in Women’s Health Care: Practice and Policy, L d’Agincourt-Canning and C. Ells (Eds). Oxford University Press: New York, NY.

Slemon, A., Bungay, V., Jenkins, E., & Brown, H. (2018). Power and resistance: Nursing students' experiences in mental health practicums. Advances in Nursing Science, 41(4), 359-376. doi: 10.1097/ANS.0000000000000221

Jiao, Z. & Bungay, V. (2018). Intersections of stigma, mental health and sex work: How Canadian men engaged in sex work navigate and resist stigma to protect their mental health. Journal of Sex Research, Published ahead of print. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2018.1459446

Handlovsky, I., Bungay, V., Oliffe, J., & Johnson, J. (2018). Developing resilience: Gay men’s response to systemic discrimination. American Journal of Men’s Health, 1-13. doi: 10.1177/1557988318768607

Bungay, V. & Guta, A. (2018) Strategies and challenges in preventing workplace violence against Canadian indoor sex workers. American Journal of Public Health, 108(3): 393-398. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2017.304241.

Varcoe, C., Browne, A., Ford-Gilboe, M., Dion Stout, M., McKenzie, H., Price, R., Bungay, V., Smye, V., Inyallie, J., Day, L., Khan, K., Heino, A., & Merritt-Gray, M. (2017). Reclaiming Our Spirits: Development, pilot results and study protocol to test the feasibility and efficacy of a health promotion intervention for Indigenous women who have experienced intimate partner violence. Research in Nursing and Health, 40(3), 237-254. doi: 10.1002/nur.21795

Singien, K., Price, M, Bungay, V., & Wong, S. (2016) A retrospective cohort study using the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network data to examine depression in patients with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. CMAJ, DOI: 10.9778/cmajo.20160052.

Manning, E. & Bungay, V. (2016). ‘Business before pleasure’: The golden rule of sex work, payment schedules, and gendered experiences of violence. Published ahead of print. Culture, Health & Sexuality.

Black, A., Bungay, V., Mackay, M., Balneaves, L., & Garossino, C. (2016). Understanding mentorship in a research training program for point-of-care clinicians. Journal of Nursing Administration, 46(9), 444-448.  DOI: 10.1097/NNA.0000000000000373.

Bowen, R. & Bungay, V. (2016). Taint: An examination of the lived experiences of stigma and its’ lingering effects for sex industry experts. Culture, Health and Sexuality. 18(2), 184-197. doi: 10.1080/13691058.2015.1072875

Bungay, V., Oliffe, J., & Atchison, C. (2016). Addressing underrepresentation in sex work research: Reflections on designing a purposeful sampling strategy. Qualitative Health Research, 26(7), 966-978. doi: 10.1177/1049732315613042.

Bungay, V., Masaro, C. & Gilbert, M. (2014). Examining the scope of public health nursing practice in sexually transmitted infection prevention and management: what do nurses do? Journal of Clinical Nursing. 23(21-22), 3274-3785. DOI:10.1111/jocn.12578.

Bungay, V, & Stevenson, J. (2014). Nurse leaders’ experiences of implementing regulatory changes in sexual health nursing practice in British Columbia Canada. Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice, 14(2), 69-78. DOI: 10.1177/1527154413510564.

Bungay, V. (2013). Health care among street-involved women: The justification and perpetuation of inequity. Qualitative Health Research. 23(3), 1016-1026. DOI: 10.1177/1049732313493352

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Handlovsky, I., Bungay, V., Johnson, J.L., & Phillips, J.C. (2013). The process of safer crack use among women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Qualitative Health Research, 23(4), 450-462.  DOI: 10.1177/1049732312469465

Oliffe, J.L., Chabot, C., Knight, R., Davis, W., Bungay, V., & Shoveller, J. (2013). Women on men's sexual health and sexually transmitted infection testing: A gender relations analysis. Sociology of Health and Illness, 35(1), 1-16. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9566.2012.01470.x

Persaud, S., Tzemis, D., Kuo, M., Bungay, V., & Buxton, J. (2013). Controlling chaos: the perceptions of crack cocaine users in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Journal of Addiction (2013), 1-9. Published ahead of print at DOI: 10.1155/2013/851840.

Bungay, V., Halpin, M., Halpin, P.F., Johnston, C., & Patrick, D.M. (2012). Violence in the massage parlour industry: Experiences of Canadian-born and immigrant women. Health Care for Women International, 33(3), 262-284. DOI: 10.1080/07399332.2011


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