Alison Phinney, PhD, RN

Professor and Associate Director, Faculty Development

UBC School of Nursing
T201 2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6T 2B5

Dr. Phinney is co-director of the Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia, and is known internationally for her work on dementia, meaningful activity, and aging. She conducts research in partnership with community leaders and people with lived experience to build knowledge and capacity for supporting personhood and social citizenship of older people, especially those living with dementia and their families.


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Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

  1. Phinney, A., Gram, C., weaving, j. & Moody, E. Healthy Aging Through the Arts:  Supporting Older People to Thrive in their Communities. (2021). In Rootman, I., Edwards, P., Grunberg, F. & Levasseur (Eds.) pp. 339-351. Health Promotion and Older Adults in Canada. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.
  2. Phinney, A. (2018). Self, lost and found. In[PA1]  Memory, pp.243-249. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.
  3. Sims-Gould, J. McKay, H. Martin-Matthews, A., O’Connor, D., Hurd Clarke, L., Phinney, A. & Hoppmann, C. (2017). Time to “re-imagine aging” in the twenty-first century. In Reflections of Canada. pp. 161-165. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.
  4. Canning, S. & Phinney, A. (2015). Documenting new relationships with old partners: data collection and knowledge translation through documentary film. Perspectives, 38, 1-13
  5. Tang, S., Boschma, G. & Phinney, A. (2011). Residential elder care in British Columbia: Policy development and culture change (1950-2005). Perspectives, 34(4), 5-16.

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  • MHLP
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  • MSN – thesis
  • MSN – non-thesis
  • PhD
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