Cancer Communication

We are a team of researchers dedicated to supporting effective communication between patients and health care professionals.

We know that persons affected by cancer can be profoundly influenced by the communications they have with their professional health care providers. We also know that such communications, either positive or negative, are often powerfully important experiences.

Cancer patients have told us a great deal about the effect that either helpful or unhelpful communications have on their quality of life, the meaning cancer has in their lives, and its lasting repercussions on their cancer experience.

Our Research

Program of Cancer Care Communication

1997 - 1999    Evaluation of Community Specific Models to Reduce Delay from Abnormal Screening Mammography to Diagnosis. Funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative.

2000 - 2001    Toward Communication Standards in Chronic Illness Care. Funded by the BC Medical Services Foundation.

2001 - 2005    Toward Effective Patient-Professional Communication in Cancer Care. Funded by Canadian Cancer Society through the National Cancer Institute of Canada. Executive Summary

2004 - 2005    Patient Perspectives of Hope and Honesty in the Transmission of Prognostic Information. Funded by the BC Medical Services Foundation/Canadian Nurses Foundation.

2005 - 2009    Communication in Cancer Care: The Trajectory of Interaction Between Patients and Health Care Professionals. Funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. Executive Summary

2009 - 2013    2009-2013 Communication in Cancer Care: Longitudinal Cohort Analysis of Patterns and Variations across the Cancer Trajectory (there is no executive summary yet)

Cancer Communication Project Knowledge Exchange

Reflections on Communication and Hope

Scientific Papers



We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers working out of the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, and the British Columbia Cancer Agency. Our backgrounds include medicine, nursing, and epidemiology. Some of us work primarily in clinical practice and others in an academic or research setting. We each bring a unique perspective and background to our team studies.


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