Graduate Student Open Access Award

Open access journals are an alternative to the current user-pay system for accessing academic research. Fees are charged to the author in order to make them open and accessible. This award is designed to encourage trainees to publish sooner in high caliber journals by offsetting these publishing fees for graduate students. The annual budget allocated to this award is $12,000/year. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. The total number of individual awards (up to a maximum $2,000CDN/award as of May 2017) may vary depending on the cumulative sum of the open access fees.


Only papers that are first authored by a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow with a primary supervisor in the UBC School of Nursing are eligible for funding. The paper has to be published or accepted (pending minor revisions) in an open access journal.

Journal Eligibility

Eligible journals include BMC-type journals that are completely open access and charge all accepted journal articles a publishing fee (also see Directory of Open Access Journals). This fund does not support fast-track fees for journals that are primarily subscription-based, or cover open access options for single articles that will become open access within 1 year.

All journals listed in Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers are ineligible for funding. For further information on predatory publishing, read this editorial, Taking a stand against predatory publishers, and watch Dr. Sally Thorne's presentation, Predatory Publishers: What they are and how to avoid them.

The UBC Library's institutional memberships with a variety of Open Access publishers and organizations provide benefits to researchers at UBC, often through discounts on article submission costs for OA publishing. See the full list of Open Access Publisher Discounts.

Maximum Levels of Reimbursement

In order to include as many authors as possible while covering typical costs, the article cap is limited to no more than $2,000 CDN/article and only one funded article per fiscal year per author.


Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year and considered on a first-come bases. There is a 1-week turn around for confirmation of funding availability, but funds will not be awarded until the paper is accepted for publication. Please submit applications to the Office of Nursing Research & Teaching Scholarship.


Other sources of Open Access Funding

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